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I joined this crazy place on 2009-09-30, 11 years ago.

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I havent laughed so hard till right now! LOL - 8 years ago

I was looking for photo ideas for my friend for her maternity pictures and I saw this and was like wth?!!! lol at least it made my night and made me laugh

I havent laughed so hard till right now! LOL - 8 years ago

[url=]Funniest Photo EVER!!! lol[/url]

missing girls - 8 years ago

I was out walking to and when we were walking back to pacific view there were two young girls walking away from pacific view heading past the fire department and one of the girls was on a bike. And I ...

Houston TX - 8 years ago

Westheimer the not good area, from what the NCOIC at the RSS told my husband. I dont have school aged children, I have a 5 month old but I hear the schools are great. When you move and ever need some...

Houston TX - 8 years ago

We got RSS Westheimer. I looked at the Katy area and Cypress so we are lookign around in that area and woodlands. I personally love the Woodlands area but it seems further from the station.

Houston TX - 8 years ago

ok thanks maleficent, I am excited to move closer to san antonio just was worried by all the reviews. So thanks for the info

Houston TX - 8 years ago

oh alright thanks ill look at it right now. I have been looking at reviews for apartments and they all sound like crack houses and burglary 24/7 its starting to freak me out a lil lol

Houston TX - 8 years ago

So in three weeks me and the family are PCSing to Houston TX for recruting duty and was wondering if anyone knows safe areas out there or websites that I can look at besides Family Watchdog to figure ...

Anyone else doing Weight Watchers? - 8 years ago

I am doing the online version and just wondering if anyone else is doing it online and have any good meal ideas that are not listed on the website =]

SIDS Advice - 8 years ago

Thank you DaniP, I love my son very much and it might be that I am a first time mother which is why I am so worried but I just cant imagine losing my son. And I started doing all the things to prevent...

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