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I joined this crazy place on 2011-10-17, 10 years ago.

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Used to be Kristin. I'm old, I'm married, I work, I have 2 teens who eat enough to feed a small third world nation, I own shoes that are older than half the girls on this site, and I am an unhinged liberal born and raised in Orange County, CA who has been displaced to Arizona.

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Passport/social security... - 9 years ago

I guess I'm confused on what exactly you're asking for? Your SS# is not needed but you do need your full birth certificate, not and abstract copy. You will also need cash or your checkbook since the S...

Registered Nurse - 9 years ago

You might want to also try Children's Hospital of Orange County.

Starting early - 9 years ago

I really have no idea for this year. My 2 have their birthdays in January and they're teenagers.

Tubal ligation or Vasectomy? - 9 years ago

Husband was snipped almost 13 years ago and it was the best thing I ever made my husband do.

Ghost in Stuart Mesa 2??? - 9 years ago

Ohhhhhhh, Communion. That was always my favorite part of church as a kid because we got wine. LOL Yes, as an Episcopalian we all got to participate in the communion as long as we were baptised. I ...

Meditation not Medication for Post Traumatic Stress - 9 years ago

I would be interested in hearing about this. I suffer from severe PTSD. Blech!!!

POLL: How long have you been married? - 9 years ago

Married 15 years.

POLL: Do you let your dog/cat sleep with you? - 9 years ago

No, he allows me to share his bed and his pillow with him every night.

Moto Much... - 9 years ago

I never advertised my husband was in the military with tattoos, clothing, or stickers on my cars. My husband did the same. Most people now would never guess he served for 20 plus years.

Bank of America - 9 years ago

"shizzlemydizzle --- 2 min ago - quote - flag comment - hide comments Let's see, several people have had problems with BOA and the description of the problems seem to be the fault of the people deali...

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