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POLL: Do you let your dog/cat sleep with you?

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POLL: Do you let your dog/cat sleep with you?

Yes Vote
 75.0% (21)
No Vote
 25.0% (7)
BlueBettas --- 6 years ago -

My cats have been sleeping with me before I met my husband. He knew getting into the relationship that my cats are allowed to sleep where they please. Luckily, he loves cats, and loves having them sleep with us. If anything he gets upset they sleep on my side of the bed with me instead of on his side of the bed with him!
I do not let the dogs sleep with us... our male dog has been known to pee on his feet when relieving himself. I do not want that on the bed! (He does get frequent baths because of it too!) 

puppylove --- 6 years ago -

We let our dogs and cat sleep where ever they please. However our cat tends to sleep in a room the dogs aren't sleeping in. I also like having the dogs to cuddle with when my husband isn't home too. 

accountnickname --- 6 years ago -

Yes and No. Only one of our cats would want to sleep with me and he is so annoying. He has ADHD or something and changes position constantly plus will wake me up in the middle of the night to be pet... ummm no.

One of our dogs is too big and smelly. The other is tiny and sleeps curled up in my arms every night and doesn't move until morning. 

gbob --- 6 years ago -

My cat sleeps with me. Mt great dane would LOVE to but she takes up too much room and she stinks! LOL! Our older dog couldn't get on the bed if her tried, so he sleeps right next to it. 

kristin40 --- 6 years ago -

No, he allows me to share his bed and his pillow with him every night. 

JediMommy --- 6 years ago -

Yes and no. My dog sleeps with me until my husband comes to bed then he goes onto his bed which is also in our bedroom. 

Vod Kaknockers --- 6 years ago -

No, one of our dogs is way too big to sleep with us, and the other one never showed any interest. They both prefer to sleep outside, we have a doggy door so they can come and go as they please. We get up and they are both outside asleep in the dogloo. Even when it is hot/cold outside they like being outside. 

GardenWitch --- 6 years ago -

Both dogs sleep smack dab in the middle of a king size bed. 

Barbie --- 6 years ago -

My little dog sleeps on the night stand right next to my daughters bed (he's done that since the first night we got him). The other dog sleeps on her bed and the cat sleeps with my son (he use to sleep with me but a few months ago he decided I wasn't cool anymore and moved on). 

CivMP --- 6 years ago -

The cats let us sleep in our bed... but I dont let them on my pillow.. 

KayLay --- 6 years ago -

I love my dogs like they are my children but never in a million years would they sleep in my bed with me. I personally find it disgusting. I am very particular about a clean bed and pets in my bed don't exactly align with that. I have two lager dogs and they can sleep downstairs in their kennel where we are all happier. Haha 

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