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Passport/social security...

who's talking here?

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picsphotography --- 6 years ago -

I'm having the hardest time with this. My husband got orders to Okinawa and so I now have to get a passport. However, I misplaced my social somewhere in our house so I need to get a new one. Everyone I go to the office it's a at least a 3 hour wait and they tell me that I can make an appointment but no where in the Internet can I find the phone number. And then for the passport I was wondering if I could just take in a 4x6 photo and they'll shrink it to the size they need? Or if I need to take in a certain size? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! 

Momma2Fur --- 6 years ago -

I'm not sure about the social, but when I got my passport, I took a plain picture behind a white wall and uploaded the pictures to the CVS website where they have a passport option. Just make sure to look at the guidelines for what sizing of the picture. There are measurements you have to follow. 

shizzlemydizzle --- 6 years ago -

Has to be a passport size photo.

Have you tried to google the local Social Security office for the phone number?

Which office did you go to? 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 6 years ago -

You dont need your social security card for your passport. We just went a few months ago and didnt need ours. We needed our birth certificate and a ID. They are very picky about what size the photo has to be, what is in the background and how you are cropped in it. You can find the specifics online. Just google passport photo. We paid more and just got ours done when we applied at the post office, so many people told us they got there's done somewhere and it wasnt right so they had to redo it at the post office. We wanted to make the process as easy as possible. Oh and they only do it once a month in Oceanside. Temecula you can just walk in and get it. 

picsphotography --- 6 years ago -

Thanks for the photo information! And the social security place I tried going to was down in San Diego off of Aero Dr. 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 6 years ago -

Where are you coming from? I would avoid in anything in San Diego. The is always outrageous. Oh and it took us less than 2 weeks to get our passport. 

kristin40 --- 6 years ago -

I guess I'm confused on what exactly you're asking for? Your SS# is not needed but you do need your full birth certificate, not and abstract copy. You will also need cash or your checkbook since the State Dept. won't accept credit cards and you can apply and pay at certain post office locations.

Just look on the post office website for locations, phone numbers, and just make an appt. at the nearest location. 

picsphotography --- 6 years ago -

Youreallythinkso...I live down in Mira Mesa so that was the closet social security office I had found. 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 6 years ago -

Oh, that stinks, lol. You are probably looking at a crazy place when you have to do your passport to. Good luck. 

picsphotography --- 6 years ago -

Well is there a better social security office you would recommend up near Pendleton? I work up there so have no problem driving around 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 6 years ago -

There is one in Oceanside. Im sure it wouldnnt be as bad as San Diego. Its on El Camino Real 

GardenWitch --- 6 years ago -

What if your birth state only issues abstracts? Even my daughters original certifcate is bare bones information. 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 6 years ago -

As long as it says original in it your fine. My husband looked like a type writter just typed out his info and that's in. But it said ORIGINAL on it. And has the county seal on it. 

picsphotography --- 6 years ago -

Ok, another question...I was looking online at the passport fees and such and they have a few different options. Everyone has been telling me that we can get the no fees passport, but to my understanding that only allows you to travel with the we are looking to get regular passports so we can use them wherever and whenever. So my question is does anyone know if we have to get the Passport book & card...cause that one comes out to $165 per person, or there is just the passport book which is $135 per person, then the last option is the passport card which is $55...and I'm not quite sure which one I should be looking at. 

GardenWitch --- 6 years ago -

The card is really only good for travel to Mexico and Canada, plus maybe on some cruises. But for anything else you need the actual passport.

I'm getting the card and the book. 

Crystal K --- 6 years ago -

We just got our no-fee passport because we were supposed to be going to Oki as well (orders got changed), but when we were there, they told us anytime he has his leave orders we would be able to use our passports to travel off the island. The only way we couldn't use them is if he was not traveling with us on orders (leave or otherwise). 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 6 years ago -

If you have the book you dont need the card. The card is just to travel by land, so Mexico and Canada. For 2 passports my husbands and mine it was about 300 that included pictures. Its not cheap. The no fee one can only be used to travel with orders. My husband has 2 passports one issued by the military that he got for free and one we paid for because the one issued by the military can only be used when traveling with orders. Hope that helps. 

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