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Registered Nurse

who's talking here?

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USMCwifeRN --- 6 years ago -

Just PCSd here a few weeks ago from North Carolina. I am a Registered Nurse and finally received my California RN license. I have been jobhunting daily online,, You name it, I have done it. I have applied for a handful of jobs, so now I guess the waiting begins. My specialty is pediatrics. I am looking for 8 hr shifts. I have had my share of years of 12 hrs shifts. :-) If you know of a medical facility or agency that I should try, please let me know. I just want to continue to jobhunt while I wait to hear back about submitted applications. Thanks in advance. 

Mandilee --- 6 years ago -

The job market for RN's is really over saturated here in socal. I waited months to get a position. For Peds I would say that Rady's is really good. It is far, but they do have a Urgent care here in Oceanside, but the shifts would be 12 hours. I work in the ED at Tri-city. I do like it. They are flexible, and it is a good nurse to patient ratio with plenty of floats to help you out. They do offer some 8 hour shifts. I would recommend doing Per Diem there. The rate is AMAZING, especially if you do the 97 hour a month rate. I know they are hiring in the ED right now. We see Peds there, and I am sure that you would fit right in. I hope this helps. 

USMCwifeRN --- 6 years ago -

Ok. Thank you so much. I am going to check out the website and see what is available. 

Maleficent --- 6 years ago -

My neighbor drives to long beach from Pendleton. 

USMCwifeRN --- 6 years ago -

Wow! Long Beach? I hope I don't have to commute that far. I really appreciate the feedback, now I am getting an idea of what I am facing. 

penny --- 6 years ago -


I'm not a nurse but work in health care management. Just a thought, don't rule out LTC or SNF. I used to work at a LTC facility in Vista and we paid our RN/s $30 with no experience. A little different than hospital nursing,a lot of paperwork etc but definitely something to look into. 

USMCwifeRN --- 6 years ago -

Thanks Penny. I saw a few options with LTC and SNF in Vista and Oceanside. Definitely on my radar. I was worried about the pay though. Thanks for the insight. 

kristin40 --- 6 years ago -

You might want to also try Children's Hospital of Orange County. 

Mandilee --- 6 years ago -

USMCwifeRN the per diem rate starting for 97 hours a month minimum at tri-city ED is about 48 an hour with a significant shift differential for nights. They also have a float pool RN that offers more if you don't mind going to tele and to units. The ED seems intimidating, but they will train you. If you want more info msg me. 

LaLa --- 6 years ago -

OP If you are looking for staffing companies just until you find a permanent job
R&R staffing in oceanside is good. I worked for them for a few months until i found a full time job.
I agree tricity would be a good idea. 

USMCwifeRN --- 6 years ago -

Thanks everyone. I now know more about what's available in the area. :-) 

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