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To breastfeed or not to breastfeed..

who's talking here?

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eidle --- 5 years ago -

So I am giving birth on my 3rd in few more weeks.
I wonder if i should breast feed or not.
I have 2 small kids ages 3 & a yr and half.. :(
If i breastfeed i basically cant do anything more like cleaning or cooking / make food or even take care my other 2 kids.
Breastfeeding is quite hard especially the baby get used with it and doesnt want the bottle..
we just move in here a month ago and during my husband work its just me and the 2 babies.

Im thinking just to give formula but my provider insisting to breastfeed instead..
any moms had any experience and suggestion??? Advice pls! tnx 

xxxtheripperxxx --- 5 years ago -

What makes you think you won't be able to cook, clean, or take care of your other kids if you breast feed? 

Maleficent --- 5 years ago -

It sounds like you have your mind made up.

I will tell you I bf my youngest (who is 4 tomorrow) for about 18 months and my home was clean, I am the only one that cooks and I have another child. It doesn't take all your time at all. If its something you want to do, I say give it a couple weeks before you throw your hands up. It was hard for me at first. If its not for you, bottle feed. You could pump if you wanted. 

Poison Apple --- 5 years ago -

You seem to be making excuses to not do it. It's the best thing for baby. I'm mom to 3 and I breastfeed my 3month old on top of keeping house, taking care of my other two and wor king full time. If there's a will there's a way. 

accountnickname --- 5 years ago -

I find breastfeeding to be easier. The only difference is that there isn't a bottle to prepare, otherwise it take the same amount of time to feed the child. There are also benefits to breastmilk that formula could just never provide. 

shizzlemydizzle --- 5 years ago -

What do you mean your provider is insisting you breastfeed???

Breastfeeding is a personal choice. Only you & your husband can decide what is right for you & your family. 

asal --- 5 years ago -

I understand where your coming from I breast fed 2 of mine and 2 of them were bottle babies. And for some people breast feeding is easy and some its hard. The ones its so easy for are the first to judge. All my babies are fine just do what's best for your family 

BlueBettas --- 5 years ago -

Just be thankful you are only on baby number 3! I had a friend who just had baby number 6! She is all for the boob, and finds it easier than a bottle because with that many little ones running around it's faster to feed the baby with a boob than to take the time to fix a bottle.
Her husband was also in the navy up until 2 months ago... since he was stationed on a ship, he'd go out to sea for up to 18 months at a time. Essentially she was raising all those kids on her own.
So when you start to feel overwhelmed, just take a deep breath and be thankful you're not trying to deal with twice as many kids! 

Champ --- 5 years ago -

I'm "in the same boat". I breastfed both my girls, but they were close to 5 years apart, so it was very easy. But both girls were very high needs as infants and literally lived attached to me. My youngest will be 2 when the new baby arrives in a few weeks, and she is still very demanding. (she refused to take a bottle until she was 10 months old (didnt matter formula or breastmilk, who tried to feed her, she would simply not do it) my house was clean, and I did cook, but it was a lot of work, but chances are bottle feeding would not have changed that. She would have still been high needs, it took her until 18 months for her to allow my husband to do absolutely anything for her.

Anywho we are considering formula this time around, so he gets an opportunity to bond with this one early on. Truth be told we bought formula tonight. I taped the reciept to the top of the box. I want to do both bf and bottle feed, but we will see how that goes. My husband is a little worried my 2 to will want to start bfing again when she sees the baby doing it. Only time will tell. Do whatever works for you and your family, but if you're on the fence it won't hurt to give breastfeeding another chance. 

SoonToBeJD --- 5 years ago -

No personal experience and I'm definitely not a "You HAVE to bf or you're a shitty parent" type (I didn't bf), but it's possible. My sister has a 3 y/o and has bf'd her now 1 y/o twins for the last year. She manages to cook and clean. 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 5 years ago -

Its a personal choice. I have 3 kids who are perfectly healthy and happy kids. Not one of them were breastfeed. You do what you feel comfortable with. Im going to warn you this will probably not come out well specially if whats her name comes on. gosh I forgot her screen name. She has the breastfeed or your a bad parent attitude and will call names and everything else if you say you arent going to or didnt breastfeed. 

USMCmomof3 --- 5 years ago -

My first was primarily formula fed and my other two were breasted. In terms of health and intelligence, so far there is no difference...however who knows what the future will bring. I have nothing bad to say about FF mothers as i did it with my first but I have tO admit that I am a BIT worried now that I nursed my other two. I feel guilty bc BFing is the "perfect food" for babies and knowing that my first didn't get the benefits bothers me a bit.

I would suggest you at least try. Even if it is not for a long time, some breast milk is better than none at all...especially the colostrum.

But if it ends uP not working then don't worry- either choice works and is acceptable! Just do what you can and what you feel you are capable of...if you are happy with your decision, your baby will be too! 

BlueBettas --- 5 years ago -

If you're concerned with the baby not taking a bottle after getting the boob, here's an idea that might help.
My friend has inni nipples (kinda like how people have inni and outti bellybuttons, well instead of a normal outti nipple, hers were innies) so in order to breastfeed she had to use a rubber nipple cover (similar to what you find on baby bottles) over her own nipple to allow for the baby to breastfeed. Since her daughter was used to the rubber nipple from breastfeeding, she had no issues when she was switched to a bottle. It was all the same to her. 

Princess B --- 5 years ago -

I plan to breastfeed my third and I also plan to take care of my other kids and clean my house still. Breastfeeding is a personal choice but it's a little silly to assume you won't have time to do anything else if you're breastfeeding. 

DotComMyLife --- 5 years ago -

I breastfed my 3 kids (my youngest is 4 weeks) and am currently cleaning the house between feedings. It's doable! The house isn't as pristine as I'd like it but it's summer time and I have 3 kids at home so that was kind of overshooting anyway but it's clean. 

grantsmommy --- 5 years ago -

im all for breastfeeding, you may find solace in sitting down and taking a break to nurse you LO. It can be discouraging in the beginning when the baby comfort nurses for about 6 weeks. Not all babies are the same but I had that experience. Wearing them in a sling or carrier that is comfortable to breastfeed in is a great tool. There are several support groups around here and a facebook page where you can ask advice and get others perspective. 

grantsmommy --- 5 years ago -

im all for breastfeeding, you may find solace in sitting down and taking a break to nurse you LO. It can be discouraging in the beginning when the baby comfort nurses for about 6 weeks. Not all babies are the same but I had that experience. Wearing them in a sling or carrier that is comfortable to breastfeed in is a great tool. There are several support groups around here and a facebook page where you can ask advice and get others perspective. 

grantsmommy --- 5 years ago -

camp pendleton breastfeeding support 

Barbie --- 5 years ago -

Op my kids were around the same age as yours when we had our youngest. I managed to keep my house clean and spend plenty of time with the other kids. If your worried about your husband getting bonding time with him there are several other ways for him to get that time. You could pump, my husband always took our son after feeding him and burped and spent time with him. I could be WAY off but wouldn't it be more work bottle feeding? Not only do you have to make the bottle but you have to clean them too. I know by the end of the day I have a sink full of sippys and cups from my oldest I could only image there is double the dishes if bottles were in there too. Plus you have to lug around twice as much in the diaper bag and I'm to lazy for that ;) I'm not one of those crazies that think bf is the only way to go (even though I would never do bottles) but it is what's best for the baby so giving it a shot wouldn't hurt. 

PPB5 --- 5 years ago -

I breastfed all my kids. I had to stop feeding my middle child to start feeding my 3rd being they are very close in age. Its all about planning, pumping, and having help from hubby/older kiddos. My moby wrap helped! All 3 of my kids were breastfed 18mo each. Its not easy, but if you want whats best for your child, you find a way. 

HotGeekChick --- 5 years ago -

get support from wic and other places. you can babywear and breastfeed so that you can get more stuff done. the first few weeks are hard, but after that it does get easier and baby will nurse on more of a schedule except during growth spurts. breast is always best. at least try it and be set up with a good support system. if you want some good support there are some really great groups on breastfeeding group, natural birth and parenting, and the like. good luck 

HotGeekChick --- 5 years ago -

oh and btw the best way for hubby to bond with baby is not to shove a bottle in his mouth. it's to walk around shirtless holding and cuddling baby. 

Champ --- 5 years ago -

okay, I wore my babies in carriers, my husband tried everything to bond with the baby (shirtless, rocking, carriers), but truth be told they didn't want anything to do with anyone other than me. They literally lived attached to me, if I had to leave to run an errand (aka be able to take a deep breath and go to the gym they would cry the entire time, my husband felt horrible, like he couldn't take care of the girls. Also, not everyone can pump my first I pumped around the clock for little reward. My second I could pump for 40 minutes and I'd get less than an ounce, and if I tried to do it again an hour or two later I got nothing. I'll be the first to admit I don't like the sensation of breastfeeding(reminds me of a et sweater rubbing my wrist), but both my girls were exclusively breast fed for 10 months, then weaned. My oldest we did a slow weaning so she ended up breastfeeding for quite awhile, my youngest, as soon as she magically took a bottle, and I needed to have surgery that was that, and her personality did a completete 360- she was way happier, gained more weight, would play and interact instead of on my breast 90% of the day. I bonded more feeding her with a bottle for 1 month (before we switched to sippys) than I did in the full 10 months prior of feeding her.

I personally want to breastfeed my third, but I don't want experiences like my first two (but there's no telling a bottle would have "fixed" that either- they were simply just igh needs babies, and food is bonding to a baby it is their number 1 need. 

DoUntoOthers --- 5 years ago -

I honestly do not understand the concept people have that "breastfeeding is harder than bottle feeding". The baby cries, you pop a boob in it's mouth, the baby eats and is happy. Sure you can't go vacuum your living room, but technically if you are feeding your child correctly with a bottle, you can't vacuum anyways. That means NO propping!! Because that is what you are saying right OP? Plus you don't have to get out of bed to make a bottle, wash a bottle, or go to the store for formula. It is a silly statement to think it's easier.

As for the second part, yes it can be harder for the baby and the father if the child is breasfed. We got lucky with our first, she took breastmilk from me or a bottle, she didn't care. The other two wouldn't go near a bottle. But when I weigh the benefits of breastfeeding against that, I choose BF every time. I simply do not understand why as mothers we take the easy way out most of the time. Heck, even if you BF for 3 months, your child would get so much more. And believe me, I have nothing against formula. When all three of our girls got to be about 6 months old, we started supplementing BF with formula several times a day.

Last, it is def your choice what you do and how you raise your child. Nobody should intimidate you to do things one way or the other. I do believe though, that if you appear wishy-washy with your provider, that may give them the impression that you don't have all the facts and of course she is going to push you to BF. Try BF for a month, and if it all goes well, go for two months and so on. Remember, babies sleep a lot so you will still be able to clean and play with your other two. 

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