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I joined this crazy place on 2011-08-07, 11 years ago.

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I am a navy wife who can't decide whether to stay or go somedays. We have our rought patches, but we're highschool sweethearts so we keep trying. I'm crazy. Half punk, half country and total nerd.

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Circumcision ? - 9 years ago

we chose to circumcize. we are evangelical christian and i have jewish roots. we believe God would not mandate something that is harmful. All Jewish laws were given to protect His people. some things,...

Good OBGYN in oceanside area - 9 years ago

Dr. Stigen (mysical rose ob/gyn) in fallbrook is supposed to be awesome!!! i have several friends who have used her and am switching to her right now for other health needs.

Want to make extra money... - 9 years ago

if you become an FCC provider there are set fees they pay you based on their income and many qualify for compensation so you would still get paid the same amount. they need people. there is a sign a...

anybody pcs home recently? - 9 years ago

[i]You can contact the TMO office and they can tell you the time/dates of their briefs. Call base info @ 760-725-4111 and ask for TMO (Traffic Management Office) [/i] ok thank you!

anybody pcs home recently? - 9 years ago

[i]They offer TMO briefs that should explain it all. [/i] what is this and how do i go to one? i have a ton of trouble figuring this stuff out. my husband's command has been less than helpful up u...

anybody pcs home recently? - 9 years ago

i said in the op that i wasn't sure what it's called. probably eas is the right term. sorry. 4 years into this and im still trying to learn miltarese. lol

anybody pcs home recently? - 9 years ago

not sure if pcs is even the right term, but we will be moving home in 7 months when husband goes inactive. what can i expect for my personal expenses vs. what's paid?

Coupons - 9 years ago

i second blah blah blah. I went with UT because i got a year for $9, but they forget to deliver a lot!!! if i were still couponing a bunch i would go back to the north county times.

Wic office - 9 years ago

there is also a wic office in fallbrook with a wic store next to it. that way nobody but wic people have to know you use it. i use wic so i can afford a date night with my hubby. because my marriage a...

Flu Shots - 9 years ago

just don't get it. do some research and you won't want it anymore. trust me.

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