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Have you seen this???

who's talking here?

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YouReallyThinkSo --- 10 years ago -

Soldier dies in Afghanistan and leaves behind 2 wives who both had children with him and nether knew of each other. story 

Hazel Eyed Beauty --- 10 years ago -

It is amazing what death may bring out for some people. It's a sad story :( 

GardenWitch --- 10 years ago -

I'd cremate that SOB. And xnay on the burial with "honors". 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 10 years ago -

He may of died in Afghanistan but there is nothing honorable about being married to two woman and having children by both. I feel so bad for those children. So sad. I keep wondering who gets the benefits? The second wife technically isnt his actual wife so does that mean she is entitled to nothing? Poor families. 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 10 years ago -

So many questions, who was notified, how did the other find out? What about insurance? So crazy. This guy must of been a good liar. 

ChestyMcBreasty --- 10 years ago -

According to the Spanish news station I was watching..the first wife is going to get everything. Second wife is going to fight for what whatever belongs to her! It's going to get messing that's for sure!! 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 10 years ago -

Thats sad Im sure the 1st wife is hurt but she needs to realize it was the husbands fault and the other wife has a child by him also. 

Poe --- 10 years ago -

I feel like the second wife had to know something was up when she didn't get any benefits... 

ChestyMcBreasty --- 10 years ago -

The second wife told the news people that his friends and his family are 100% by her side!! So if that's true..there's more to this story! IMO 

YeaOk --- 10 years ago -

That is horrible! I feel really bad for those poor kids. 

GardenWitch --- 10 years ago -

There's another woman he wasn't "married" to, she's the Mom of the second kid.

Doesn't matter who stands by #2 wife's side, unless he allocated X amount of his SGLI money to the second wife or the other kids through a will, by law the other women will get squat. The 2nd marriage wasn't legal at all. Military sure isn't going to hand over that money to an illegal dependent.

I'm guessing his DAD already knew from his reaction, he seems to know all the kids and wives (and the GF) already. He's so proud of him too. Barf. 

a3270849uu --- 10 years ago -

I just saw it on the news. The first wife with the oldest son, the second wife with the youngest son, and another woman with the middle son all sat in the same row of the church. The flag was presented to the first wife. 

GardenWitch --- 10 years ago -

I feel bad for the military protocol person that had to deal with that mess. 

sweetcheeks --- 10 years ago -

What a's it possible they didn't know?? 

GardenWitch --- 10 years ago -

Said he was out training or had duty when he was with the other one probably. 

CuteCurlyC --- 10 years ago -

Like someone mentioned, what about the insurance? That's a give away right there! 

Poe --- 10 years ago -

Is it even possible to get a marriage license while already married? I just don't see how the second wife didn't know. 

CuteCurlyC --- 10 years ago -

I'm sure you can lie on a marriage license, but a quick look at a bank account would show there is a lot of money missing. I'm sure they knew if not that he was married a second time at least that there was another woman in the picture. 

GardenWitch --- 10 years ago -

You don't get the insurance RIGHT away, it could be a month or more. There's tons of forms that have to be signed first, an autopsy and a death certificate issued which would go to the spouse on record just to get the burial done first of all. Most of the time the funerals are done on "credit" or by reimbursement with the funeral director requesting the reimbursement directly from the government.

Plus, the casualty assistance officer only visits who you have designated as rating a visit. (For example---My FIL would only get a phone call AFTER I have been notified in person)

Unless he had #2 down to be notified, she wouldn't officially be notified. At least not by the military.

If he was secretive with money and kept his accounts separate... But taxes, how on earth would you file taxes every year? 

Champ --- 10 years ago -

When you're KIA they cover the whole burial cost? (curious)

I know they don't just for being military. I paid up front, and there was 2 life insurance policies, and its true its not handed right over. It took us aprox 40 days start to finish, and the military only reimbursed up to $350. The funeral director helped a ton, but the reimbursement paperwork was completed by me, and came to me.

Eta: there is a ryder the policy holder can add on for 5-10k to be given upfront to cover funeral costs. 

GardenWitch --- 10 years ago -

Little known death benefits 

CuteCurlyC --- 10 years ago -

I read another article on this. It states that the first wife received the folded flag at the funeral and will also receive the benefits. The second wife said the first has only come forward to collect the benefits. The husband told her about a previous marrige, but said he has gotten a divorce. 

Poe --- 10 years ago -

That makes a little more sense. 

GardenWitch --- 10 years ago -

LOL, he lied and wifey #2 fell for it. 

sweetcheeks --- 10 years ago -

How the hell did neither know??? Must have been a bit naive 

SoCalSaving --- 10 years ago -

From my understanding of what I read, he wasn't with the first wife anymore, but was still legally married. The second wife married him because she thought he had gotten a divorce from the first wife. So he wasn't living with both or sleeping with both. ..Thats what I got out of it. 

Clinical Depression --- 10 years ago -

Well, everyone go check their husband's MOL and Tricare account.....LOL, just kidding, but how would one wife or the other not notice money being used on unknown sources? Idk if either of the wives worked, but he must have had to mad-dog his pay supporting three kids/two wives concurrently. Where did he live? ALL THESE UNKNOWNS! Haha.

ETA: Just saw So-Cal's post above mine. 

3rdxsacharm --- 10 years ago -

I couldn't get insurance cause another Marine had my husbands SSN under Tricare. We had to fax a lot of info and someone else was getting insurance under my husband. I can see how it happens 

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