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I joined this crazy place on 2011-06-29, 11 years ago.

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Newly married.

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EAS? - 10 years ago

Thanks - I'll call them tomorrow to see what they say.

EAS? - 10 years ago

Yes! Lol that's what happens when you post from a phone.

EAS? - 10 years ago

Does anyone know how soon before your ESA date TMO will move you? Does it have to be on or after the actual date?

By owner? - 10 years ago

No I haven't. I didn't know about it. If you know of any others please let me know.

By owner? - 10 years ago

Thanks!! I was a little paranoid because I hear horrible stories from rentals posted online. So is the idea that the owners are military families that are being stationed elsewhere and need to rent un...

By owner? - 10 years ago

Has anyone used to either rent or advertise a house? I was wondering if the ads are legit. Thanks in advance.

ParaGuard - 10 years ago

I guess I'll stick to the pill - thanks for the input

ParaGuard - 10 years ago

Has anyone had ParaGuard as birth control? What were your experiences with it? Did active duty insurance cover the cost entirely? I was considering getting in before my husband leaves the military.

What's best? - 10 years ago

Any Mac

Unemployment - 10 years ago

Yes, that's the rule in NY. If you're a full time student you collect unemployment without needing to look for a job. That's the reason I asked about Cali. Thanks to the ones that tried to help!

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