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DLA advance pay

who's talking here?

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pandamanda0719 --- 5 years ago -

When are you supposed to get the money? My husband checks out tomorrow and we still haven't seen the money. 

Champ --- 5 years ago -

It was deposited DLA and all pay except (advance pay) 3 days prior to the day we told ipac we were leaving which was 3 days after he checked out. They told us when we filed for advance pay it would be dragging (this takes up to 30 days for processing) and I arranged the move and everything less than a week prior to TMO moving our stuff due to delayed orders from recuiting school. We got it maybe 2 weeks from the day I went to IPAC, but she made me sign a piece of paper acknowledging there could be a 30 day delay. 

GardenWitch --- 5 years ago -

If you are with Navy Fed, it could be deposited tonight. If it's not, he needs to get in there and find out what's up. 

pandamanda0719 --- 5 years ago -

thanks.. he called this morning and the lady said "it should be" there tonight or tomorrow morning... i just hope it actually shows up! 

jallyse --- 5 years ago -

Good luck...we've had nothing but issues with DLA. I hope it all works out for you 

JillO --- 5 years ago -

My husband checked out on a Friday and recieved his DLA on the following Wednesday. So it only took a few business days. I hope you get yours soon. 

pandamanda0719 --- 5 years ago -

Oh good lord.. Yeah he checked out today and still haven't gotten the money.. And we have to out of our house tomorrow. 

accountnickname --- 5 years ago -

Were you relying on that money for immediate expenses? Do you have any savings you can draw on until it arrives? 

pandamanda0719 --- 5 years ago -

Oh we are totally fine.. I just think its annoying that they tell your spouse 24-48 before they check out, and it sounds like no one actually gets it on time. 

Toodles --- 5 years ago -

We got it after we had already gotten to the new duty station, nice huh? 

Champ --- 5 years ago -

Curiosity. How long ago did he go to ipac to fill out the paperwork? I'm trying my best to remember if there was a "x amount bussiness days to recieve it" dla, per diem etc. I know it was up to 30 days for advance pay, though for sure.

I feel like it was 8 or 10 bussiness days. Most "normal" orders that's not an issue, but the way they do recruiting orders now has really messed up from things (from career jammers and ipacs mouth not mine, though I can def say it was a headache for us) 

Calimommy --- 5 years ago -

I don't know if this is the same, but when we were doing our recruiting money stuff, there were things that were filled out wrong and thank goodness he called almost everyday, they would not have called. They have to many people to deal with.It was happening to lots of people. We got it a week before we left. My point is don't be afraid to check mid way maybe to make sure it's processing, for anyone. 

DaniP --- 5 years ago -

It took us over 2 and half months after moving. They kept telling us something was wrong with the paperwork, or the guy doing our paperwork was on leave...blah, blah, blah...finally we just started calling them about 3 times a day to check and they had it done on the 3rd day of our calling. Don't just think they are 'working on it', call and check or you can slide through the cracks. 

Champ --- 5 years ago -

I'd probably personally go into IPAC, and have someone pull your paperwork, and look it over, to make sure something is wrong with it (like people above mentioned) I hated calling, BUT the lady that did all my husband's stuff at IPAC gave me her name and number to speak to her directly, so that made things a little easier to call instead of pop in, but I know the day my husband got back he did go in basically to double check I did everything right (since I was the one who completed all the paperwork, and got signatures etc) 

accountnickname --- 5 years ago -

Oh we are totally fine.. I just think its annoying that they tell your spouse 24-48 before they check out, and it sounds like no one actually gets it on time. 

Oh good! I'm glad it is just an annoyance then. I honestly don't know when my husband's arrived last time. 

Vod Kaknockers --- 5 years ago -

We got it 2 days before we left, BUT then had total issues after we got to our new duty station.

They checked his pay because they said he didn't rate it. Then we got another check for it again because they said that he did rate it, and then a month later checked his pay again because there was one thing that didn't get signed by someone else, then 2 weeks later got it back and the mileage pay. It was a mess. 

pandamanda0719 --- 5 years ago -

I checked our account earlier and money posted today so it will be available tomorrow.. So 48-72 hours after my husband checked out.
But hey at least they we are for sure getting it and had no huge issues!

On a good note we passed our final inspection with Lincolin and don't owe them a penny!! :) 

Calimommy --- 5 years ago -

So glad things worked out, as if moving wasn't stressful as it is! 

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