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I joined this crazy place on 2010-09-08, 7 years ago.

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Having a baby - 6 years ago

I had a great experience at the naval hospital... My only "complaint" is I went into labor in the middle of the night and they wouldn't call my doctor which is unserstandable lol Don't ruin it for...

DLA advance pay - 6 years ago

I checked our account earlier and money posted today so it will be available tomorrow.. So 48-72 hours after my husband checked out. But hey at least they we are for sure getting it and had no huge i...

DLA advance pay - 6 years ago

Oh we are totally fine.. I just think its annoying that they tell your spouse 24-48 before they check out, and it sounds like no one actually gets it on time.

DLA advance pay - 6 years ago

Oh good lord.. Yeah he checked out today and still haven't gotten the money.. And we have to out of our house tomorrow.

DLA advance pay - 6 years ago

thanks.. he called this morning and the lady said "it should be" there tonight or tomorrow morning... i just hope it actually shows up!

DLA advance pay - 6 years ago

When are you supposed to get the money? My husband checks out tomorrow and we still haven't seen the money.

Spacing of siblings - 6 years ago

My boys are 13 months apart and I love it! I wouldn't change it if I could, they are the best of friends! Our little girl will be born in October.. They will be 3 yrs 9 months and 2 yrs 8 months apart...

?? Neighbors moving in LATE - 6 years ago

Wrong wrong and wrong!

?? Neighbors moving in LATE - 6 years ago

They got here at 2pm for Christ sake!! they should have un loaded then, not just open the u haul at 10 at night and decide lets take everything out.. Ad Geeze I never said I'm gonna call PMO I know ...

?? Neighbors moving in LATE - 6 years ago

Quiet hours are 9 or 10 and honestly it's not like my kids should have to be woken up because they "had a long drive" which they didn't! They got here at 2 they could have in loaded their truck then!...

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