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Really STRESSED with housing... I know, I know but please...

who's talking here?

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LBenca --- 6 years ago -

We are pcsing from 29, came from Lejeune before that. It's only a month before we will be there. Housing called yesterday and gave us our housing, Santa Margarita, I am not too thrilled.

I was under the impression, we were supposed to be given two options, we weren't and I was hoping for a 3 bedroom even though, yes we only have one child but a girl can dream...

I haven't read or seen very "nice" things about Santa Margarita, I know I could be wrong but when the lady on the phone says I should be happy I didn't get some other area and she has no idea where I would get these thoughts that this is a bad area from and they have all been renovated on the inside, it just irritates me even more.

Anyways, my main concern no matter what base housing we would get is the fact that there is no a/c. I have a husky and a malamute. I was told when it gets too hot to go to the beach or pool. Yup, I can do that but my dogs can't. You can't put window a/c in without special permission etc...

So has anyone had any problems with this breed or similar and heat?

Should I call housing back and call someone else because we weren't given two options and just one?

How far is Santa Margarita from the 31 area for work purposes? That is where my husband will be working?

The lady on the phone said you can walk to the beach from Santa Margarita? T/F? Have they really been all remodeled on the inside because I know the outside looks pretty scary.

I just want honest opinions, if you like it, don't like it? Really, about the dog thing etc... TIA. 

AZbound --- 6 years ago -

I sent you a message. 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 6 years ago -

Its not bad here without AC, it doesnt get that hot. We came from 29 Palms too and were used to being able to run the AC all the time. Last year we probably had 2 were we would of turned it on if we had it. About a 30 to 45 mins from here is a dog beach. 

Momma2Fur --- 6 years ago -

I had a Husky in Santa Margarita. It's fine. Nice ocean breeze. That housing is a 5 min drive to the 31 area. Think good thoughts. You didn't get what you want, but you are being offered a lot more than the rest of America who is struggling. :) 

LBenca --- 6 years ago -

I don't disagree with you Momma2Fur, not one bit! I just have questions and concerns and instead of having the housing people tell me what they want me to hear to get me to take the house, I was hoping for honest opinions which I appreciate a whole lot more! 

Braydens Mommy --- 6 years ago -

Sounds like you're wanting them to cater to you and they are trying to get housing for lots of other people at the same time. There is no AC anywhere on base except for DeLuz which it on the other side of base and I'm not sure they allow dogs. You will have a backyard, which is more than most people have. 

Liberal Scumbag --- 6 years ago -

It isn't standard policy to offer you choices. If they have more than one neighborhood that you qualify for, they'll tell you "you can be on this wait list or that one," but there isn't one master wait list and I don't know many people that have ever had a choice when it came to base housing. It happens from time to time, but those instances are rare.

Some places on base do indeed have a/c, but they're only the inland homes that sit baking in the sun and aren't close enough to the ocean to benefit from the cooler ocean air and breezes. house actually does have a/c but I rarely used it last summer.

You'll be's of "kick back and relax." Hope your move goes well! 

GardenWitch --- 6 years ago -

We never needed AC out on that side of base, just get some fans for inside if the dogs seem stressed or buy one of those cheap plastic kids pools for them to play in the water and cool off. I have seen some people just shave their dogs for the summer too. Goofy looking but it works.

It's not like Lejeune or 29 Palms at all as far as the heat. I'm actually probably going to freeze my tushy off this summer after being used to Lejeune's heat!

If you don't like the house/area, save the DLA for a deposit and just move off base after awhile. 

Calimommy --- 6 years ago -

I never understand this. We should be given choices within the ranks we rate. Every person I know has been able to have a couple choices even from Quantico I was able to go look at it for them. Hope it works out for you. But AC should be the least of your problems, I lived there 7 years and never needed it. Maybe went through 6-7 bad days that's it. 

Poe --- 6 years ago -

You do have a choice, you can pick anywhere you want out in town. Santa Margarita is nice. 

accountnickname --- 6 years ago -

I will try not to bristle and lecture you on "how it used to be" :P and instead say that you can try DeLuz instead. It is a different housing company so it wouldn't be a choice with Lincoln. I honestly don't think that a/c is needed on most of base, however. DeLuz recently became pet friendly, but I don't know the specifics. 

CLLP --- 6 years ago -

They are really strict about housing here. Definitely be happy about Santa Margarita. It is certainly better than Serra Mesa where they could have put you. That place is a nightmare. At least you are right by the beach, have a garage and a little fenced in backyard. But the heat is nothing like 29 palms. We MIGHT have 1 or 2 weeks out of the year that are somewhat hot but not brutal. So the breeze/air is fine with the windows open. 

shesfromthevalley --- 6 years ago -

I lived in Santa Margarita for two years. Not having AC never bothered me. It doesn't get THAT hot and all you have to do is open the windows or doors and you get a great breeze. We had a big shepard mix and he was never overheated. Up on that hill, it usually is in the high 70s to low 80s with a breeze.

I would be happy about santa margarita. I liked it there. Its quiet and we never had any problems. There's a dog park and a nice pool which is always empty! We used to spend alot of time at the pool and there was usually only one other family or group there. I wouldn't walk to the beach from there but it's only a 5 minute drive. 

MyLuckyStars88 --- 6 years ago -

Im 50/50 on this, on your side but on everyone elses side as well. I know how you feel about it, I say do your 6 months in the house and if you still dont lke it, re apply for another house and in those 6 months research all the housing areas and then pick what you want! Thats what I am in the middle of. I did my 6 months and now told them what I wanted so i did what they wanted me to do (6 months) and now i get what I want! Works like that. I like the house I am in, but have VERY loud and immature neighbors and a lot is going on with them waking up my children at all hours of the night cuz of music, plus I want a back yard!! So i say just do you r6 months in the house and see if it works for you and your family!! 

Vod Kaknockers --- 6 years ago -

Have you checked the Hot Sheet? You can call them back and not accept the house and tell them what other housing area you want.

Santa Margarita isn't that bad. We lived in Stuart Mesa and had a Husky, she did fine. 

Charlie'sWife --- 6 years ago -

Check Lincoln's website, there is an area that says find a home and fill in the info. Once you do that it will give you a list of housing that you qualify for and from there you can research which would be best for you and your family (it does not accurately judge the # of bedrooms you qualify for though). The website has pictures and you can also search here for old threads with pictures. Deluz does have AC and they recently made part of it pet friendly but they do not have fenced yards that I am aware of. As for moving districts with in housing, once you accept a house and move in even after your initial 6 month lease is up unless you can prove hardship (will have to get a letter from his/your command etc) it is very unlikely they will allow you to move unless you move in town for 6 months and then reapply for the housing you want. Best of luck! 

laneys mommy --- 6 years ago -

I'm guessing that is what they offered because that is whats best for your family. The only other community close to your husband job that I believe you rate is stuart Mesa if they allow two dogs. Most of Stuart Mesa doesn't have fenced back yards yet so Santa Margarita is a better fit. There might be two other housing areas you rate but one is at the North end of base and the other isn't run by lincoln. There aren't a lot of housing areas that have 2 bedroom homes. They don't have to offer you 3 bedroom housing since you don't rate it. All the newer housing areas are 3 plus bedrooms. Your allowed to get on any list for any housing you rate. If you see another area you like and rate then call lincoln and tell them thats the wait list you'd like to be on. You are allowed to decline an offered house twice. Our last PCS here we were offered a one story home and declined it because we wanted a two story.

Like all the ladies say. Most of the time we dont even use fans. I actually get upset we can't go to the pool more because its cold near the coast. We're EFMP and because of our issues could get an AC put in but I haven't needed it in the two years we've been back here.

Good Luck. I would say if your really worried then its worth a drive down here. Can your hubby take a day of leave. If you are able to come down then you should be able to kind of pick your home since it looks like there are a lot available in Santa Margarita. I know in Stuart Mesa people have been able to choose an open home. We were able to kind of choose when we got here and South Mesa just opened. 

Life expansions --- 6 years ago -

Like all the ladies say. Most of the time we dont even use fans. I actually get upset we can't go to the pool more because its cold near the coast. We're EFMP and because of our issues could get an AC put in but I haven't needed it in the two years we've been back here.

If you live near the front gate it is very true that you do not need the A/C the breeze and temp is great, however we live close to mainside in De Luz housing and I have lived here 4 years and yes I have had to use the A/C it gets hot in the June/ July/ August months. In fact it was so hot one year my family came to visit me from Arizona and the A/C in my house was broken that they left early. 

puppylove --- 6 years ago -

I live in Santa margarita for over a year until we pcsed and liked it. I had two duck tollers which no ones what they are but they have thick fur like your huskey and they were fine with the heat. We left the windows open and had some fans. Also out ice cubs in their water bowls so it was cold water. There are a few dog beaches you can go to which we did with our dogs. And honestly the dogs were fine.
The only problem I had was with mice but you have that in every housing on base. I only had them one time when we first moved in 

HereAgain --- 6 years ago -

My house must be the exception. It gets HOT from around July to around September. There were a few days where we had to sleep down stairs by the sliding door and a couple of fans. 

laneys mommy --- 6 years ago -

My house must be the exception. It gets HOT from around July to around September. There were a few days where we had to sleep down stairs by the sliding door and a couple of fans.

You have a vaild point. Certain homes face areas that there isn't as much breeze coming though the windows. Or they get a lot more hot mid day sun. I also think people handle weather different. I get cold really easy. Others get hot really easy. My husband wears shorts year round while i'm in pants and a sweatshirt. LOL 

HereAgain --- 6 years ago -

That is true, my husband and I are completes opposites. I get hot easily and my husband is the other way around but he still can't stand how hot our room gets. It's a little oven in there, lol. 

Moria --- 6 years ago -

While I do not know your hubby's rank, O'Neill Housing has gone from officer housing to SNCO housing. We are allowed 2 dogs, have a fenced in back yard, and they installed A/C in all the houses last year. We overlook Lake O'Neill, and are behind the current Naval Hospital, but we are in the middle of nowhere on base. It will take about 30 minutes to get from O'Neill to 31 area (which is close to Stuart Mesa housing).

I hope all this information is applicable! :) I don't know anything about Santa Margarita. 

accountnickname --- 6 years ago -

While I do not know your hubby's rank, O'Neill Housing has gone from officer housing to SNCO housing.

If they do not qualify for a 3 bedroom then her husband isn't a SNCO. :) 

JAV87 --- 6 years ago -

To everyone who gets on this website to speak to people in similar situations with a positive, helpful, and willing to assist tone, I really appreciate you

But, one the other side of this, I have started regretting joining this website because of all the negative comments and general feelings.

I wish people thought about somethings before typing. Please do not talk about the old days, or how lucky we are, or we should just be grateful.

The thing about housing is it is NOT ran by the military. These companies, Lincoln in particular who also manage homes out in town, are paid by us, as well as, by the military. They are making bank. Therefore, we should be happy with our homes.
It is not like it was back when the military actually owned and ran their own housing. Today is very different from how it was then, it is not comparable.

Why can't comments just be constructive, positive and helpful? Sometimes I really hate getting on here just because if I really do have a question I feel I will be scrutinized rather than given helpful information.

There are enough negatives and drama in life.

Let's not be so condescending, judge mental, and somewhat forceful with your opinions. 

accountnickname --- 6 years ago -

Please do not talk about the old days, or how lucky we are, or we should just be grateful.

REALLY? Seriously I have to assume that is for me since I'm the only person who said anything like that but what I said was obviously said as a joke. I've been nice and helpful on here for over 3 years now. I am not even sure why I try anymore. 

JAV87 --- 6 years ago -

No, I know yours was jokingly, plus you actually had useful information behind your joke, but I am just frustrated , every post I read about housing has someone saying something along those lines, even if you read up, someone says choices aren't standard, and you do have a choice, go off base... There is a certain person who NEVER has anything nice to say on here. I am sorry if I offended you.

I am frustrated because when I was in her shoes asking for help, I had such a hard time, and I was to tired of the negative comments.

Negativity and criticism is all over this dang website. 

accountnickname --- 6 years ago -

someone says choices aren't standard

But that's true. I've never heard of someone being given two houses to choose from in the over 7 years we've been here. Maybe they do that on other bases but I've never heard of that here (or previous bases we've been on). I don't see how that is negative when it is giving accurate information? 

JAV87 --- 6 years ago -

I was given two areas two choose from, so were many people that I know, if they are available you typically can choose.

I actually was given one a home in the first area we picked, the house was FOUL, so we went back to the housing office on Monday and got reassigned to a new district. It can be done, you just must be willing to do the work, it was difficult, well tedious mostly, but the house we were offered was not even up to base housing standards, we assume it had never been inspected. 

HereAgain --- 6 years ago -

They gave us a choice between Stuart Mesa and another housing area by the main gate. I'm horrible with housing areas but it was somewhere over there. Then they gave us a choice between 4 different houses. When the Stuart Mesa II opened up they asked us if we wanted move. So they do try to help you or accommodate you if possible, at least they did help us a lot. 

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