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laneys mommy

I joined this crazy place on 2009-08-01, 13 years ago.

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Base Housing & Rank??? - 8 years ago

In south Mesa they are the same exact homes. NCO and SNCO are divided by a main road. There is also an E8/E9 cul-de-sac with ocean and moutian views, but again the actually homes are the same. Wire...

Below, in, above zone - 9 years ago

It's not out yet but the below zone is an estimate of the in zone the following year. So look at the FY2013 board, find his MOS and look and see if he was in the below zone. If he was then he should...

Was I wrong? - 9 years ago

Drinking or not I would personally never speak to those people again. Drinking isn't an excuse for that behavior and where was the so called FRIEND! Those people are not friends. I don't care if yo...

Fantastic Delivery Experience at Navy Hospital (OB) - 9 years ago

Glad you had a great experience. We had major complication in delivery and they coded us. As soon as they did there was a ton of staff rushing to our room. They were professional and calm. Once our...

Rant about Parents and Kids - 9 years ago

I think people should keep walking along and stop judging everyone else. Cause I'm sure the one judging is simply totally perfect. In reality they have not an ounce of knowledge as to others situati...

Drop in care on base? - 9 years ago

Anyone a drop in provider on base? If so can you let me know your hours and how much you charge? Thanks

PCSing to Pendleton soon housing help? - 9 years ago

We're in South Mesa and my husbands at SOI. A lot of people he works with live near here. It's not near as bad of a commute as we thought. Don't stress if things don't work out in SO3.

New Naval Hospital? - 9 years ago


New Naval Hospital? - 9 years ago

Does anyone know if they will have specialists when the new hospital opens?

Cyclic vomiting syndrome? - 9 years ago

Anyone have a child with it?

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