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w-2 question... - 5 years ago

Ein and address is the same no matter where you are stationed.

Daycare!!!!! - 5 years ago

They only count 40% of bah, I believe is what they said. If you call resource and referral they can tell you about what you'd pay. Just remember they do have a waiting list[url=

Brown CDC - 5 years ago

My daughter is also in pre-toddler. I really like her care providers and the office staff learned her name quickly. She's excited to go every morning so I know she's having fun.

Garrison or Ditmar Elementry? - 5 years ago

Ditmar is closed, so they must be sending another school to the campus for a year to rebuild.

husband recently joined the marines...housing help!? - 5 years ago

[i]What are the odds of getting a 3 bdrm house in wire mountain II? Super expensive?[/i] unless he makes e6 or you pop out a bunch of kids that's not going to happen.

Zoo membership? - 5 years ago

I got the diamond membership. Our family is a 10 year old, 1 year old, my husband and I. $135 membership covered my 10 year old and I and the 1 year old and hubby were free. I also got free parking at...

Pre-K and schools..!! - 5 years ago

[i]If you want a party you need to talk to the classroom mom, if you even have one. There should only be a few graduations in life. One is HS and the others left for college. [/i] ^^^ I agree....

Base DMV - 5 years ago

my husband went to the regular dmv and was in and out in 10 minutes. Saved us the $23.

Toughest Job in the Corps... - 5 years ago

I do say "we" got paid. But I also say that about my pay. I make pretty close to the same amount of money and I say "we" for both paychecks. I get annoyed when military spouses call themselves a si...

cloth diaper vs reg diapers which one and why? - 5 years ago

Pretty much!

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