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I joined this crazy place on 2008-03-24, 10 years ago.

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Oceanside High School - 4 years ago

I've had issues with the school. The teachers saying things that are uncalled for etc. but the principal is very open and if you are an active parent and go to him with issues they can get resolved......

Oceanside High School - 4 years ago

Oceanside high has a bad rep but it's not that bad. I was worried coming here because of the reviews and rumors.. I have two kids in high school both started in 9th grade. One very out going child on...

Method? Getting Pregnant... - 5 years ago

I tried this a couple months ago with no luck :/

San Clemete High school- - 5 years ago

Just looking at getting some advice or info on this school if anyone has had children go to this school... Do you kids enjoy it? Major complaints? Not enjoying our time at OHS and looking into...

Stay at home moms - 5 years ago

I loved being a stay at home mom! I had three kids 2 yrs apart and am a tad big of a worry wort when it comes to child care etc. so I found it best on my mind & heart to stay home with them. Ive...

Want to make extra money... - 6 years ago

When my kids were little I did the childcare thing once they grew the amount of money I needed grew ( funny how that works lol ) so I worked evenings after hubby got home or I worked from home - last ...

Oceanside High School - 6 years ago

You do get the good with bad with every school but this school is horrible.. My daughter goes there & we are praying to get out of this area by this summer.. If you HAVE to be on base- live in san ...

miscarriage - 6 years ago

Sorry to hear about their loss- My husband and I have been trying after his vasectomy reversal I got pregnant so quick- 3 months after only to miscarry. Nothing anyone can say or do to make it be...

Tubal ligation or Vasectomy? - 6 years ago

My husband had a vas- & ten years later a reversal. He had no issues with either one. I believe for the vasectomy he did need to take a cheesey class at the Naval Hosp.

Any ladies interested in a job? - 6 years ago

9-12 am or pm??

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