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*rant* ted's tires

who's talking here?

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OhHeyItsHer --- 5 years ago -

The manager/owner of Teds tire is a real....piece of work.
I needed an oil change on my car. No biggie right? Wrong. He came up to the car once I parked and told him what I needed. I asked what the difference was between reg and synthetic in price and he said I couldn't afford synthetic. Really? For one, if I'm able to make payments on my vehicle (which is a pretty nice one), I'm sure I can afford an oil change.
Ok whatever. Maybe he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Then after I get told to leave the keys and wait in the car, I went out of the car to check my tires and went in to go ask how much they would run. I open the door and on a chair is a cat that mind you, I'm super allergic too and afraid of so I step back. He then tells me to get out he doesn't want me to be a customer. Why? Cus I got startled?
So I went back to my car and drove down to Midas. Thankfully, the wait was short but they're soo much more nicer and my car finally got worked on. Not to mention, Midas gave me a discount even though I didn't have a coupon, and said I'm not the first to come in with a horror story about Ted's.

Anybody else have a similar experience with them? 

chipmunk --- 5 years ago -

Yeah I think we have been there, cuz I remember the cat! My husband is allergic too. The cat was pretty cute, how it jumped up on the tired on the wall, but there are so many people allergic to cats idk if I would have one in a business. I can't remember if he was rude, but I do remember he was a bit eccentric. That's awful tho I cant believe he did that to you what a jerk!!! 

puppylove --- 5 years ago -

If someone said I couldn't afford something I would have left and gone somewhere right away. That's just uncalled for. I'm sorry that happened. That's not ok.
I know a few places that have cats or dogs. I grow up in southern cali and if it's not a good place it was common. At least where I'm from. Although i understand the problems with having a business pet 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 5 years ago -

Weve been going there for awhile and never had a problem. He was always friendly with us and the work was always done right and fast. 

TweedleDee2 --- 5 years ago -

Time to give the BBB a call 

Life expansions --- 5 years ago -

He really told you to get "out" ouch!!! :( at the same time Im laughing a little bit because I cannot believe how unprofessional a person could be, just ridiculous!! 

OhHeyItsHer --- 5 years ago -

He really told you to get "out" ouch!!! :( at the same time Im laughing a little bit because I cannot believe how unprofessional a person could be, just ridiculous!!

Yes he did! A bit redic.... 

DocsWife --- 5 years ago -

We went there and had a great experience. And I loved that little kitty! But then again, I am a cat person. How awful he spoke to you that way. 

carlyrod --- 5 years ago -

A lot of vehicles use synthetic oil now and you can usually go longer between oil changes. Stupid for him to assume you couldn't afford it. 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 5 years ago -

The only thing I can think of is a miscommunication of some kind. We have gone there a lot and never had a problem and so have our friends. 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 5 years ago -

So after seeing this thread I thought it was due to some kind of miscommunication or something because we had never had bad service from Ted. In Sept we spent almost 2 grand there for tires and brakes. Nothing but good fast service. Than last month my husband went to get a oil change on his car and the guy looses it cause its only been 3000 miles since his last oil change and he didnt need one tell after 6000. My husband says I get all oils changes on our vehicles every 3 if you look in your system you will see that. The guys starts screaming at my husband that he doesnt make any money on oil changes at what he charges than proceeds to start cussing my husband out with our 3 year there also. My husband said he was just going to leave but couldnt cause they had already taken his car back and the owner is screaming from inside the office for the mechanic to hurry up and get that fers (he said the word and many other cuss words) car out of his shop. While proceeding to continue to scream and cuss at my husband. The truck is finally done and my husband is trying to get our son in his seat while the guys walks closer towards my husband so he could continue to scream at him but at the same time hiding behind a chair, like he thought my husband was going to hit him. My husband did the right thing and left pulling into a drive way a little ways down the street so he could stop and take a deep breath and try and calm his nerves. When he got home I couldnt of been more proud of him for the way he handled it. I know it took everything he had to not beat the crap out of the guy. Than yesterday our car that we just had the brakes done on starts beeping and saying our brakes need to be serviced. I pulled out the paperwork and it said it has a 6 month warranty so I called them not wanting to go spend more money on something we just paid so much money for it to be fixed. I didnt really want to go back there but we paid for a job and it should of been done right. At first he was nice than he realized who it was and starts screaming at me about the complaint (my husband contacted the BBB) and than starts cussing at me and says we are not allowed anywhere near his shop than says I dare you to bring your car back here and hangs up. I couldnt believe it. When it originally happened to my husband he had a office full of people who couldnt believe it was happening ether and people came in while it was happening and immediately left. Before we used them in the first place I had checked yelp and he had nothing but 5 stars, 11 reviews and they were all great. After what happened to my husband I posted a review on yelp. A few days lady I went back on yelp and my review was gone and in the hints section of yelp was a lot people saying the same thing happened to them as far as our experience there and they posted a review and it was magically not showing up. He had more people saying bad things about him in the hints section than he did reviews. I wish I would of seen this before. I trusted Yelp and the reviews. Didnt even glance at the hints section. So know we get to take our car to another mechanic. AWESOME. not. Sorry for the long book but I wanted to make sure no one went thru what we did. 

CivMP --- 5 years ago -

sounds like dude has turrett's (sp) syndrome.

go to the Mienke in Fallbrook, tell them Terry sent you. 

gurlplz --- 5 years ago -

Well thanks for the warning! I went there a couple of weeks ago for a nail in my tire and they were too busy. I won't go there again, my husband is a hot head! :-) lol 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 5 years ago -

My husband is a hot head to. Thats why I said I was so proud of him for the way he handled the situation. Still in awe but according to the Bureau of Automotive Repair its not the first time they have gotten this type of complaint about Teds. They said when the investigator calls me he will have more answers. So I guess we will see. 

GardenWitch --- 5 years ago -

There's a banned list for businesses that rip military off or people the military just shouldn't be doing business with, I'd find out how to get this guy on it. 

HereAgain --- 5 years ago -

Just go and read the complaints on the BBB website. 

HereAgain --- 5 years ago -

In one of the reviews I was reading they were trying to do just what GardenWitch suggested but I don't remember what came of it. 

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