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Needing some advice on parenting two children asap

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sheraelyons --- 7 years ago -

So have a big delima on my hands and I don't really know how to start this but here it goes. We recently had our second child a week n half ago and our oldest is three now before we had the baby he was a great child I rarely had to yell at him he would clean, listen, and acted appropiately but now that his sister is in the picture he has done a complete 360 with his attitude he wont listen he does random things that he knows will get him in trouble and I don't know how to go about punishing him or should I? It's not like he is mean to his sister he loves her and gives her kisses and helps take care of her so I don't know what the deal is becuase he is still getting the same amount of attention. Is this just me or does this happen when there are multiples in the family? How have some of you gone about dealing with this or punishments because I don't want to feel like i'm punishing him for the wrong things I just need some advice. Thank for help! 

SoonToBeJD --- 7 years ago -

It's normal. Just be really patient with him. I screamed and begged my mom to take my brother back. =) 

HMDT --- 7 years ago -

Beat em.. worked for us!!! 

Jayne Wayne --- 7 years ago -

You can't honestly think you're giving him the same amount of attention. Because you're not, and he will never get that again from you. That's hard to come to terms with when you're 3 and your whole world halves the attention they give you within a 2 day period. 

pandamanda0719 --- 7 years ago -

When the baby is sleeping make sure you are
Giving him extra special attention, play a board game with him, or sit and color with him. He is jealous that he is not mommys entire world anymore and now he has to share mommy and daddy with this other baby.
Make sure your being firm and correct him when he's doing wrong, you can't just let him get away with everything but you're going to have to learn to pick your battles. Good luck! 

JediMommy --- 7 years ago -

I am going through the same problem my oldest is 2 1/2 and my youngest is 7 weeks. My oldest is funny he doesn't rebel towards his brother but he does with me and his dad. I give him attention when I can and even take him for mommy alone time even if its just going to the park or spending time coloring. He is getting very defient and is now in a hitting phase.
If you think of any new tricks that haven't been thought of pm me.. 

sheraelyons --- 7 years ago -

JediMommy I will let you know I am at a loss as to the next steps but hopefully its just a phase and it will be over really soon.

Thanks everyone else for the advice 

jallyse --- 7 years ago -

My son did a similar thing after we had our second. We started taking him on Mommy & Daddy dates. That's what we called them. We left our other child with family and just spend quality time with our oldest. He was getting 1 date a month until the hubby deployed. During the first few dates we talked to him about the new baby. It really helped him transition. 

Taminator --- 7 years ago -

My daughter did the same thing when my sister had my nephew (we co parent our kids). We started a sticker chart so she knew she was a big girl and offered princess Barbie's as a reward. Took a few weeks to get used to it but she really enjoyed helping and getting a sticker 

Iggy --- 7 years ago -

This is normal

I had all three of my kids two years apart and they all did this. Not just the new baby but the age- try and do more with him while baby naps etc I know it's tiring but with in a couple a months things should calm down. Kids are smart they know when and what they can get away with & love to push buttons!

Also maybe try a reward system maybe have him help a little with baby to make him feel special too! 

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