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POLL: Have you rescued a animal from the shelter?

who's talking here?

Liz~*Celebrating Home *~ 1
Maureen 1
sweetcheeks 1
Meep 2
Calimommy 1
Hokey*Pokey 1
MommaNanny 1
Allison 1
puppylove 1
Jersey Shore Chickie 2
BadMomma2 1
Vod Kaknockers 1
Momma2Fur 1
Canine Comander 1
SkullGirl 1
gasp 1
AJ renewed 1
cayoung0424 1
Bosss Lady 1
CharlieWhiskey2 2
accountnickname 1
GardenWitch 1

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POLL: Have you rescued a animal from the shelter?

Yes we have. Vote
 86.8% (33)
No we have not. Vote
 7.9% (3)
We would like to. Vote
 5.3% (2)
Jersey Shore Chickie --- 6 years ago -

We have two furbabies.

MIA - Missing in Action
A pittbull mix. They have such a bad rep, however ours is the biggest wuss. She runs and hides from the sound of her food going from the bag into the giant tuberware. She just wants to snuggle.

Mr. Meatball
Golden retrieve/spaniel mix from Camp Pendleton shelter. He has issues, separation anxiety but he is the biggest sweetheart.

I love my two SNORING furbabies. 

Hokey*Pokey --- 6 years ago -

ours is the biggest wuss. She runs and hides from the sound of her food going from the bag into the giant tuberware.

hahaha! I had a german shepherd mix who was scared of cardboard boxes, sequins on shirts, and wind socks, to name a few things. One time in high school my friends TPed my house, and we had to keep the curtains closed because he was scared of the toilet paper, lol! 

cayoung0424 --- 6 years ago -

My dog is afraid of the garbage truck and the sound of the lawn mowers. Everything else she's fine with, she afraid of the same things my daughter(her actual owner) is. 

Canine Comander --- 6 years ago -

All 3 of my furbabies are rescues. My oldest cat came from a hoarder's house (we won't discuss the medical issues he had, let's just say he was a $1k free-to-good-home cat), my youngest cat came from the animal shelter, and my dog came from a fighting ring via the humane society then PYS.

My beasts are:

Aflac - almost 7 year old DMH tabby tux

Rex - almost 7 year old DSH tux

Toni - 8 year old red nose American Pit Bull Terrier 

SkullGirl --- 6 years ago -

Our two kitties are from a shelter and when I first got them, they were so scared of everyone. It took about 6 months for one to come around (and he's such a cuddlebug now) and the other one is just now in the past few months letting us pet him and he'll sleep or sit with us. I've had them almost two years now.

Oppenheimer and Fermi - both are dark brown tuxedo kitties. 

MommaNanny --- 6 years ago -

My first dog was resued by another lady on here. She got him healthy again and then we adopted him. He is still scared of everyone but my family. He is ok with kids and women if he gets to know them. I dont think we will ever fix his fear of men. He is still the best dog. 

accountnickname --- 6 years ago -

I have to say no because I didn't actually rescue any of my animals. All were rescued by someone else and then adopted by me either from a shelter, a rescue or one was brought to me after being taken from a hoarding situation. I have rescued animals but adopted them out. I have also fostered animals. 

Maureen --- 6 years ago -

Our female boxer was from the humane society. They found her at her house completely abandoned. She was so skiddish when we first got her. She still has major issues with noise. For instance, paper being crumbled and plastic bags being rubbed together.

She is 5 years old but has her moments where she acts like she is 12. But, she has so much puppy in her. She does that puppy run and pounce. She is extremely protective of us! She loves the boys and is lost without our other boxer. She has separation anxiety, but because she was abandoned before...I can totally see why.

We love her to death! 

Jersey Shore Chickie --- 6 years ago -

Mia, our pitt, just discovered bubble wrap, she stepped on it and ran away, then went back, she keeps going between wanting to play with bubble wrap and hide from it. 

AJ renewed --- 6 years ago -

We for our Emma from the humane society. We r working on her dominance and resource gaurding issues but overall she is such a sweet loving little girl. She is about 2 years old and still acts like a puppy sometimes. 

sweetcheeks --- 6 years ago -

No but my male cat I rescued from a hurricane,& my female cat someone dumped in my yard. 

Calimommy --- 6 years ago -

We have done both, rescue and breeder. The breeder we had clearly was a puppy mill. He came the runt, very, very sick. We brought him back to life and 6 years later he is my love. So in my eyes I feel like if we would not have asked for one of their pups, they may have killed him. We called them to yell at them, number was disconnected. Lesson learned, but wouldn't have changed a thing. 

GardenWitch --- 6 years ago -

I had three girls who brought home more than enough stray cats, a Lab that the neighbors weren't taking care of, and abandoned kitten's.

They even tried to catch a baby rattlesnake once. Unfortunately for them, Mommy had Animal Control on speed dial!

I WAS the rescue/shelter, LOL! 

Meep --- 6 years ago -


Bosss Lady --- 6 years ago -

Charlie was 2 when we rescued him. His fat hanging over the cat bed was what got me to see him out of the cage. His laid back charm was what got me to keep him. 

BadMomma2 --- 6 years ago -

we have a ridgeback and he was a rescue. he was a little over a year old, well loved and was in training but the GFC hit and his family had financial issues and couldnt keep him. they didnt want to let him go.

im not a huge pet person but i love him to bits - even though i know he sneaks onto my boys beds when im not looking 

gasp --- 6 years ago -

I want a cat. A black one. 

Vod Kaknockers --- 6 years ago -

Our Husky is from the animal shelter on Pendleton, she was about 6 months old when we got her and weighed only 20 lbs. Vet said that she was about 20 lbs under weight at that time.

Now she is a nice chunky 53 lbs and is very healthy.

Our Mastiff Mix was from a chick who didn't try with him at all. He is 4 months old and she allowed all the animals to go to the bathroom anywhere they wanted. The house was pretty nasty when we went to pick him up, 8 other dogs and 3 cats. He was pretty skittish when we got him (2 weeks ago) but now he is great, he will come lay with us, the only one he is skittish around is our daughter (she's only 2) but he is still just a baby and so is she. She tries to ride him like a horse because our husky lets her do it. 

CharlieWhiskey2 --- 6 years ago -

My cat is the one I rescued. She has feline herpes which is a reoccurring cold, runny nose, runny eyes, sneezing.
The whole shelter of overcrowded crates full of kittens had the feline herpes too.
She is scared easily, runs whenever someone comes near her, and doesn't let anyone but me pet her for more than a couple minutes.
Every night she snuggles in my nook and every morning I wake up with her curled up near my belly.
If she runs from others and she hears my voice, she will stop and instantly turn towards me and do her "pet me" look and if you have a cat, you know what look I'm talking about.

My dog wasn't really a shelter rescue. The people who owned him were losing their home so they were trying to make sure he had a good home before they lost it. 

CharlieWhiskey2 --- 6 years ago -

Meep, what the heck!
That last commandment made me tear up. I honestly think I would be that person who wasn't strong enough to be there when their pet was being put to sleep. Thinking about it makes me want to freeze time! 

Liz~*Celebrating Home *~ --- 6 years ago -

Our first 2 cats were adopted from a lady who rescues cats/kittens. They were suppose to be put to sleep due to an upper respitory infection but were rescued just in time. Our first dog we got off pys and our second we got from the base shelter. He had some problems but finally better with people and my husband. 

Meep --- 6 years ago -

2 of our kitties were from a shelter, the first was the Camp Pendleton shelter, and 2nd was from one here in Texas. Our 3rd kitty was the one my husband found wondering our girls school. 

Momma2Fur --- 6 years ago -

Every cat I've owned has been a shelter rescue.

One of my dogs is from a rescue and one from a breeder.

I had a terrible experience in the past with getting an adult dog from the shelter that was presented as "perfect for a family", but came with a whole sleuth of behavioral problems. We worked with her for a year and when my husband deployed she completely turned on us and was getting aggressive. She was totally a male only dog. I ended up giving her to my FIL's friend who has property. Last I heard she's doing well. But it definitely makes me confront buying adult dogs in a whole new perspective. I will spend a lot more time figuring them out before buying next time. 

Allison --- 6 years ago -

We haven't yet. But our 2 pitbulls we rescued from abusive homes. 

puppylove --- 6 years ago -

When I was growing up we had a few cats that ran into our house from the streets and become ours and a few from rescues.
Growing up we got one of our dogs from a friend who was rehoming it and then the others from rescues.
Now we have a dog from a rescue and one from a breeder and then one of the cats I got as a kid that was a rescue. 

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