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is being rh negative considered high risk pregnancy?

who's talking here?

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HarlequinSoul --- 7 years ago -

I miscarried last year and was told I was rh negative. I was given a shot for it. Do I need the shot again once we conceive again? And would an rh negative pregnancy be considered high risk so I could be referred out of NH on prime? 

Barbie --- 7 years ago -

My sister wasn't considered high risk but that wasn't at the Naval Hospital so it could be different. 

Whatevergirl 2 --- 7 years ago -

No, you're not high risk. I am o-. You just get shots to ensure your body doesn't attack baby growing if it is a positive rh. My husband is b+ so I definitely had to get the shots. 

Hokey*Pokey --- 7 years ago -

you will need the shot when you conceive again and after you give birth. I can't remember how many weeks into the pregnancy they usually give it to you, though. No, it's not high risk 

laneys mommy --- 7 years ago -

I'm negative. My husband is positive. Not high risk like the other ladies have said. You just have to make sure you get the shots. Including if you happen to have any bleeding during pregnancy and after you give birth if the baby is positive.

I had bleeding in my second trimester at the Naval Hospital here. I was ing labor and delivery for monitoring and everything seemed fine. They sent me home. Once I got home I did some research on what could have caused bright red bleeding in the second trimester. Through the research I read if I was RH- I needed to get the shot if bleeding occured. Well they never gave it to me so I called the nurse at OB. It was Friday. She apoligized to me over and over and told me how grateful she was I called. She asked me to come straight back to the hospital. It is very very important to get the shot after bleeding withing something like 48 hours because antibodys can be created that will attach the baby. Drs sometimes don't remember everything so just keep up with it. 

Meep --- 7 years ago -

This should help 

Makinhaters --- 7 years ago -

NO I'm B - hubby B+ u get a shot called Rhogham as mentioned to you from your baby's blood should the baby be + . You get a shot at 28 weeks and then after delivery if the bs y is indeed + but no not high risk in any way 

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