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I joined this crazy place on 2011-09-21, 12 years ago.

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I like people, pets and the outdoors. Looking forward to making new friends!

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Recommended PCM at NHCP - 10 years ago

Hi, I need some recommendations for doctors at the NH for family medicine, or general care for myself. I have Ticare Prime, and we used to live in Temecula, so I just picked a PCM in town. Well, now w...

How to get an appointment with Mental Health? - 11 years ago

hi, can anyone tell me how to get an appointment with mental health to see about addressing some depression and get tested for ADD? thanks.

Please advice on possible ASD? - 11 years ago

I did mean ASD, which is a temporary form of PTSD. Acute Stress Disorder. It means that the symptoms wear off in a certain amount of time. I think I will go to Military Onesource by myself first, ...

Please advice on possible ASD? - 11 years ago

I need advice on how to deal with/ cope with a husband's return from deployment. I am sure many of you ladies have been through this, but it's my first time dealing with it, so I have no idea where to...

So what do you think??? - 11 years ago

Also, I'm very sorry I can't shut up, but I would like to point out that this problem is not unique to the USA. Britain, Germany, China, and other super powers in the world today also deal with corru...

So what do you think??? - 11 years ago

It just tears me up inside to think about these issues too long. And that is where the complacency sets in. I am guilty of that most certainly; it's a coping mechanism. However it's time to speak out...

So what do you think??? - 11 years ago

well thanks y'all for the input! I try very hard to remain objective when it comes to my political views, but I guess I had been bottling that up for a while... I sometimes feel like I can't express m...

So what do you think??? - 11 years ago

... Sorry that was so long... But when you start a topic about politics lol...

So what do you think??? - 11 years ago

""Health care should be a human right Care to explain why? Have healthcare: pay low tax. Don't have healthcare: pay high tax. Don't have a job: get free healthcare. We shouldn't be forced ...

Anyone have a couch like this? - 11 years ago

Omg leather couches are nice when new but we have pet's so heck no lol. That would get torn to shreds. Cat one:"my, this is a new texture we have never encountered before, cat 2, what should we do...

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