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Anyone like shopping at trader joes, i have a $100 gift card..

who's talking here?

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Mom of Twins plus 1 1
Calimommy 2
Taminator 1
Barbie 1
Momma2Fur 1
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corpman wife 3
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corpman wife --- 10 years ago -

I have a $100 gift card to trader joes, we don't shop there so we are looking for someone who would like to trade $100 CASH for the card. Even trade. no more, no less! I will call in the balance of the card while you are standing there so you know im not trying to trade a dead/bogus card. Anyone interested feel free to email me or for a faster response text me at 269-689-5677. 

accountnickname --- 10 years ago -

Your username is misspelled =) I shop there but going to the effort of buying yours to save no money isn't worth it to me, sorry. 

corpman wife --- 10 years ago -

yeah well i feel the same! Why would i trade a gift card for less than what is on it? 

LaLa --- 10 years ago -

yeah well i feel the same! Why would i trade a gift card for less than what is on it?

People do that bc its hard to sell a gift card when someone can just use the same cash and save time. 

Barbie --- 10 years ago -

I shop there but going to the effort of buying yours to save no money isn't worth it to me, sorry.


Calimommy --- 10 years ago -

They have websites I thought that you can trade gift cards. Someone made a post about it. 

corpman wife --- 10 years ago -

well we need the cash. whats the website? 

LaLa --- 10 years ago - 

Calimommy --- 10 years ago -

You can always trade for grocery store or Walmart and pay for groceries or household stuff you would pay for cash anyways. Hope it works out for you! 

Donny --- 10 years ago -

you're never going to get $100 cash for a $100 gift card, either spend it at trader joes yourself or expect at most $50-75 cash for it if you are lucky.

Check out those websites where you trade in your unwanted gift cards they aren't for face value either... 

CharlieWhiskey2 --- 10 years ago -

I don't understand... If I got a gift card for a grocery store, I really don't think I'd care too much to trade it in. It's a grocery store... If it was like a $100 gift card for a Harley Davidson store, I doubt I'd use it but it's a frickin' grocery store.
Plus Trader Joe's has macaroons. 

Momma2Fur --- 10 years ago -

Plus Trader Joe's has macaroons. 

And peppermint joe joes! lol

Yeah.. you'll never get full price for it. You are giving up the card because it isn't a convenient store for you to use. To make the cash available to you, you need to exchange the card for less than face value to give someone the reason to go to you for the trade. Basically you want someone to go out of the way to give you a cash equivalent, while they are accommodating your need for cash with nothing in return. 

shizzlemydizzle --- 10 years ago -

Don't forget Two-buck chuck is at Trader Joe's too! 

accountnickname --- 10 years ago -

And the kettle corn, I'm addicted. 

HomeIsWhereTheMCSendsUs --- 10 years ago -

trader joes is the bees knees. 

Mom of Twins plus 1 --- 10 years ago -

LOVE LOVE LOVE Traderjoes !!!! 

HereAgain --- 10 years ago -

There was a both at the mall that looked like they traded gift cards. 

Taminator --- 10 years ago -

Im curious to know how you got the card since you dont shop there? Im hoping it was a Christmas present and not a hand me down from an organization or something...I only ask because I volunteer at the Fallbrook and Oceanside food pantries and the adopt a families this year got Trader Joes and Albertsons gift cards. 

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