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School supply list?

who's talking here?

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Incogneat o --- 7 years ago -

I was just wondering if we're supposed to be getting a list of school supplies that the kids will need for this school year and where I would be able to get one? My daughter is attending first grade this year at Stuart Mesa Elementary. And do they need uniforms or are regular clothes ok? 

His♥Cinderella --- 7 years ago -

they have it when they post the class she will be in. 

Scrappy --- 7 years ago -

The school, usually the post it when they post who your kids teacher will be 

His♥Cinderella --- 7 years ago -

it usually is in an envelope by the office about a week prior. 

Momzilla --- 7 years ago -

They'll give a list out during the first week of school. Around a week before school, you can go to the office and they'll have a list of the students so you can see who their teacher is. Oh, no uniformds. My daughter goes there too. :)

Hope that makes sense lol i'm still half asleep. 

Incogneat o --- 7 years ago -

Ok, thank you ladies!!! I was worried that maybe I'd missed getting it. That makes me feel a little better. They sure don't give you much time to get everything, do they? lol 

xVivaLaDollx --- 7 years ago -

I actually buy the back packs, 1 pocket folder, lunch bag, and only pick up other things if I see a really good sale. I wait till the first day of school when the teachers send home their lists and then buy everything then. There is always stuff left and by then it's all on sale. Some teachers ask for extras which I always get after school has started when things really get marked down.

Last year in one of my boys class a few kid's parents never bought them the pencil boxes they needed. With the teacher already providing so much for her class out of pocket I bought them for the kids. They ended up being marked down to like .10 cents so I bought extras.

This year I plan to also buy things when their marks down really cheap for next year. Back packs, lunch bags, and all that stuff. 

DorothyMantooth --- 7 years ago -

My daughter is attending first grade this year at Stuart Mesa Elementary

Mine too =) 

IrishTwinsx2plus1 --- 7 years ago -

My kids go to San Onofre and they don't have a required list - just a list of 'suggested classroom donation' items. 

xVivaLaDollx --- 7 years ago -

My kids go to San Onofre and they don't have a required list - just a list of 'suggested classroom donation' items. 

Thats's how it was when my oldest went there they already had what they needed. There was just a small list of things the teacher asked for as a donation. 

Momzilla --- 7 years ago -

I think I bought half of staples last year, I couldn't believe the list! It is a shame that our school system is so poor they can hardly afford to buy the children necessities.

My daughters teacher last year (who's worked on a base school for like 15 years) tried to buy stickers for the class that were on sale at hallmark in pacific plaza, and they wouldn't take her military id. I thought that was ridiculous. I would bring cases of water sometimes for the class. Anything helps 

Trace --- 7 years ago -

I was so happy that Santa Margarita sent the school supply lists home at the end of the year. By the time we went to get the stuff I missed on the list last year everything was picked out. 

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