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TMO Packing Question - 9 years ago

We were scheduled for 2 days packing, 1 day loading, but they got it done in 2 total days easily.

For real??!!?? - 9 years ago

I think the first med listed is the worst... I flagged all of the comments. Unless a secret mod shows up soon that's all we can do. 7 flags and the comment disappears.

Taxes and PCS move - 9 years ago

We are claiming the costs that aren't reimbursed such as the trailer we rented etc. eta Nevermind I realized that's not what you were asking. If it is taxable income it should already be included ...

Haircut Equality - 9 years ago

That is crazy. The price should be based off of the type of cut, the amount of hair, and the time/skill required. Sorry, but even I can give a properly faded cut with clippers. It might take me muc...

KIRBY - 9 years ago

Years ago when we lived on CP I let every door-to-door salesman know they weren't allowed there and would they like me to call the MPs to help them confirm it. Every single time they said no thank yo...

Stay at home moms - 9 years ago

KayLay, when I was a SAHM most of my days were spent providing the enrichment my children needed in each area of development (large an small motor, cognitive, language, etc) at each stage of their gro...

Stay at home moms - 9 years ago

[i]I may be wrong, I mean the several child development classes I've taken could just be wrong? All the famous theorist such as Freud and John B. Watson are incorrect. [/i] I'm not sure if I upset ...

Stay at home moms - 9 years ago

I believe the thread you are referencing was more about how do you find the time for all the quality time with your husband and children once you start working full time. For many military families w...

Enlighten Me Please - 9 years ago

[i]Then they should save them for future use...or if she's "needing" to make money off the rewards cards to afford the clothes she bought she should consider shopping some place that doesn't leave her...

Enlighten Me Please - 9 years ago

Because people use the earning of rewards at places like that, Gymboree, Kohls, etc in order to make buying their children's clothing more affordable. It is not a coupon, it is a reward. You spend m...

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