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Any parents of autistic children? I need help. - 6 years ago

It would have to be stated in the iep that the school district will reimburse/pay for that schooling. Ultimately it will have to be decided @ the iep.

Any parents of autistic children? I need help. - 6 years ago

Here is some good info to read [url=

Any parents of autistic children? I need help. - 6 years ago

If your daughter has an iep then they have to implement that iep. They can't just push you off till September and Randy knows that so if you didn't talk to Randy then you did not talk to the head of e...

Any parents of autistic children? I need help. - 6 years ago

You need to call the oceanside special ed department and let them know your new to the area and need to find out how to continue you child's early special education services. If she had and ifsp then ...

Residents having other people living on base in housing? - 6 years ago

We have 4 adults & 3 kids living in our home, we also know a family that has 3 adults, & 6 kids. Both with our family as well as our friends the extra adults are family who have become dependants. ...

Ugh....lmao - 6 years ago

I think the fact that my husband and I will be completely debit free, have both our trucks, and house completely paid off, within the next 5 years is what drives me to not " keep up with the Jones". A...

Ghost in Stuart Mesa 2??? - 6 years ago

Ok first and for most the bible does talk about ghost. Eg the holy ghost (aka the holy spirit). Second, the catholic church does not teach " we can get to heaven from being a good person". The ca...

Ugh....lmao - 6 years ago

I couldn't agree more!!!! I just laugh at the people who talk about spending $200 on a pair of jeans, and such. I drive my husband nuts because I won't spent more the $20 for clothes. I personally wou...

LASIK - 6 years ago

If you have 20/400 vision medically you are considered blind.

PYS - 6 years ago

I have to disagree on the child care. I am a certified IHSS provider, and should be able to offer my services to other families with special needs children, who are approved IHSS clients, on base. I t...

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