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I joined this crazy place on 2010-11-19, 8 years ago.

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Wife to my wonderful marine and mom to my 3 great boys

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vandergrift closed???? - 6 years ago

Anyone know what's up? Fire related?

Renting your home/Buying another - 6 years ago

So here is one thing we learned when we were in your same situation. Depending on what your debit to income ratio is will depend on how easy it is to get a new loan. After you have rented your home fo...

2013 Bonuses - 6 years ago

Yes, my husband is being forced out. He has done volunteering both out in the community, and on base. He is the one that will drive back into town on Christmas eve to fix someone elses mistake. He has...

CA Resident - 6 years ago

Yes, you do get a stipend from ca. Also if you stay, and have kids those children will be able to attend any ca tuition free. If your husband is less then a year from his eas he shou...

DITY move question - 6 years ago

You could always look at ABF. You pack your stuff up, load the trailer, and they move it for you. The nice thing with ABF is they don't charge you by weight but by how much space you take up. The trai...

Question about moving off base..... - 6 years ago

you should be getting $1543.20 on 7/15 and $964.50 there after. If you don't get $1543.20 on 7/15 then you will have to confirm with housing that they stopped the allotment, and if they say yes then a...

Question about moving off base..... - 6 years ago

so here is what i figured out based on your move out date of 6/21(hope this helps answer your question).... rank July15BAHpay August1BAHpay e1-e4 $1464.00 $915.00 e5 ...

Question about moving off base..... - 6 years ago

What other half? Now I'm if you lived in base housing till 6/21 then housing get your BAH for the time frame of 6/15-6/21. If you had moved out on 6/14 then you would get half of June. ...

Question about moving off base..... - 6 years ago

So if you moved out of housing on 6/21 then you will get the pro-rated amount from 6/22-7/1 on 7/15 paycheck. The reason you don't get it on your 7/1 paycheck is because housing did not have enough ti...

Question about moving off base..... - 6 years ago

When some get paid bah they get from the 1st-the 15th of the month on the 15th payment. Then they will get the 15th- the 1st on the 1st payment. So in your situation you will get the pro-rated amount ...

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