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counseling HELP!

who's talking here?

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yurik --- 6 years ago -

Anyone knows where i can get marriage counseling on base? i don't have any marriage problems, we are good but i do have a problem with mother in law she lives with us and is constantly in our business, everything i do is wrong everything has to be her way. i don't know how to make my husband to tell to leave. We just got married and since she got here she won't leave us alone is constant arguments with her. 

sweetcheeks --- 6 years ago -

Oh hell no!! 

yurik --- 6 years ago -

yeah i need professional help so my husband can find the right words to tell him mom she needs to leave 

AnonyMISS --- 6 years ago -

Contact you are entitled to 12 free counseling sessions to a counselor out in town. But you do have to call them. 

ChefsDoItBetter3 --- 6 years ago -

Sounds like my mil. My hubby finally grew a pair and told her to butt out. I haven't talked to her in 11 months :) 

yurik --- 6 years ago -

ill contact military one source, i hope my husband do the same because I'm getting tired of it. I want our life back, before she got here everything was fine now its so uncomfortable. She complains because i don't iron my husbands underwear.. little stupid things like that. its so annoying 

Champ --- 6 years ago -

What? You don't iron his undies. t
Your husband must feel neglected. 

yurik --- 6 years ago -

haha i guess 

sweetcheeks --- 6 years ago -

Iron underwear wow. Who does that?!! 

yurik --- 6 years ago -

its so annoying having to live with her. when my husband is home from work she's always telling him I'm so sick my back hurts always complaining she likes drama but when he's at work nothing hurts.. she likes attention. 

yurik --- 6 years ago -

i just hope getting counseling it will help him find the right words to tell her she needs to leave. she needs to move out and move on with her life. He is my husband not hers and we need our privacy its a one bedroom apartment she needs to go... 

Calimommy --- 6 years ago -

Honestly we tried marriage counseling because we were both being petty about silly things that were not a cause for divorce. It was so nice to have that 3rd person tell each of us how silly we were being and helped find ways to kick up the marriage. We sat around laughing looking at how silly those things were and how much we loved each other. I think it would hopefully work because sometimes we both hear only what we want to, 3 rd person helped. Good luck and let us know how it turned out. 

yurik --- 6 years ago -

i made my appointment with military one source for tomorrow, wish me luck i hope this works.. 

ChefsDoItBetter3 --- 6 years ago -

Good luck! 

yurik --- 6 years ago -

thank you 

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