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Anyone Know of Any School/Church Craft Fairs/Holiday Bazaars?

who's talking here?

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gbob --- 9 years ago -

Every year I say I am going to start searching early, for school/church craft fairs!
I make candy bouquets and want to sell them during the holidays, so if your school/church is having something like this, would you PLEASE post it?!
I'm sure there are other crafty ladies out there, looking as well!

GardenWitch --- 9 years ago -

Not a school or church one, but Carlsbad has a HUGE street fair twice a year. 

gbob --- 9 years ago -

Thanks, I am looking for something a bit smaller! 

Kstar --- 9 years ago -

Have you checked out any farmers markets? There are several around here. This link is for the one in Vista. Certain Saturdays of the month they allow additional vendors who do not fit into the "farmer market" scene. It might be worth checking out to see if they have a holiday day sale planned 

gbob --- 9 years ago -

Thanks, I will look into that! 

LauraLee --- 9 years ago -

Murrieta is doing a community flea market the beginning of Oct if you want to come this way. 

California760 --- 9 years ago -

I think I remember someone on here saying there will be one in the San Onofre Housing area next month. I know I read it somewhere online! 

tippy09 --- 9 years ago -

Farmers Market and Sunset Market every Thursday in Oceanside :) 

HotGeekChick --- 9 years ago -

Bonsall Mops program. Mops is mothers of preschools and we hold a Christmas boutique every december as a fundraiser. (you still make money so don't worry). Takes place at Riverview Evangelical Free Church 

gbob --- 9 years ago -

A number of you ladies pm'd me about looking for craft shows as well.
I have found a couple that I am going to do and if you are interested, please let me know and I will give you the info so you can be a vendor too!! 

blah blah blah --- 9 years ago -

Add this group on FB.

Crafty Military Wives  

christina --- 9 years ago -

Great oak high school is having a holiday craft show on Saturday, I think it is. I know it's last minute but they still have a ton of signs up everywhere saying they need vendors. It is in temecula. 

gbob --- 9 years ago -

I had to go out of town unexpectedly so I missed doing some of the fairs listed, but am still looking for any school/church shows to sell at.
I am going to do the OWC Holiday Craft Sale on Dec 1 in Pacific Plaza. This will be the 1st time doing it and I am looking forward to it!
Please let me know if you ladies know of any others.

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