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Medical coding and billing (working at home)?

who's talking here?

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christinmarie88 --- 5 years ago -

So we are PCSing to Germany in December and I am trying to find a way to make money at home while we are over there. I'm looking for something that doesn't involve pyramid schemes of any kind though. I'd just like to find a regular job that I can work at home, like medical coding and billing. I was thinking of getting certified in medical coding and billing through Career step. Any suggestions?? TIA. 

shizzlemydizzle --- 5 years ago -

Coding & billing are done right in the office.

If anything, try for medical transcription, but I don't know how that would work if you're out of the country, unless you plan on working with doctors overseas.

If you are going to certify for anything, make sure it's through a NOT FOR PROFIT, fully accredited educational institution, ie: either a community college or state university. 

KayLay --- 5 years ago -

Most community colleges or state university's are a nightmare to get into right now and get the classes you need. There are several for profit private schools that have the exact same accreditation and provide a quicker education.
Coding and billing CAN be done from home... I have several students who do that. However, I am not sure how living out of the country will work with that.
You could look into online education (for a job). There are a lot of online schools- elementary and secondary- that need teachers and/or tutors. I am not sure what education you already have but it is an option!
But please, look into some of the private schools.. You might pay more but you can get a certificate in 7 months with classes Guaranteed whereas community colleges could take 2+ years for the same thing! 

Momma2Fur --- 5 years ago -

I just signed up for a not for profit university and within a 3 week period received my acceptance letter, enrolled in classes and received my pell grant. Didn't find it hard whatsoever. Never go to a for profit school, their first priority is money, then education. Anyone who has researched the topic will find the same results. I would even make sure the college is regionally certified, not just nationally. 

KayLay --- 5 years ago -

I didn't say it was necessarily hard to get accepted to a not for profit school. I said it is typically hard to get signed up for all your classes and be able to get the classes you need consistently to graduate in the allotted time frame.
And I agree, you want a school that is regionally accredited, not nationally. But guess what, there are several that are. Thats why I said they have the same accreditation as the not for profit schools. 

Momma2Fur --- 5 years ago -

I remember you in the past saying you work for Ashford. The school I'm attending (online with a brick and mortar campus, not-for-profit and regionally accredited) has the same tuition rates and assistance you offer to military down to the waived application and technology fees and book vouchers. But mine is not-for-profit which generally means my education is their top priority, not the money they will make by the classes they encourage me to enroll in. I don't recommend for profit schools at all. That's not saying there haven't been positive experiences from the school, but as a whole it's not a smart road to take. If you find two school offering the same end goal, but one is not-for-profit, that's always the smart road to take. That's just my opinion though and I respect that yours is completely different. 

christinmarie88 --- 5 years ago -

Thanks ladies...I had heard that you can do medical billing and coding from home so that's why I asked. I didn't know if I could find a doctor or hospital to work for in the states and that it wouldn't matter if I was residing in the states or not since I'd be working from home...but I suppose it would matter.

Pretty much I'm just looking for any sort of legitimate job I can do at home over there besides watching other people's kids. Thanks for the info ladies! 

namenotalreadytaken --- 5 years ago -

Momma2Fur what school are you attending? 

Liberal Scumbag --- 5 years ago -

Something to keep in mind when considering these coding / billing / transcription degrees:

As with any career, a certification / degree doesn't automatically put you behind a desk right after you graduate. A girlfriend of mine dropped something like $15K on one of these degrees, recently (from a good, accredited college), and even with the "placement assistance" they provide, and despite the fact that she has YEARS of experience in the office environment from her time in previous jobs, she's still unemployed a year later.

What these colleges / universities aren't telling you is that these jobs typically go to people with experience. Just walking in with a shiny new certification / degree and applying for a job will get you a lot of turn-downs. My girlfriend has put in 15-20 applications over the last year, for work-at-homes and for brick-and-mortar offices, and she always hears the same thing: We want someone with prior experience.

So, I'm just saying: Be careful in choosing to go to school. You're better off going and completing a full Bachelor's degree than you are just dropping the same money on a very-specific degree for a very-specific job if you've never worked a day in a medical office before. 

KayLay --- 5 years ago -

Couldn't agree with your thoughts more! 

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