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Thats just gross

who's talking here?

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CincinnatiMommy --- 9 years ago -

Really with the people on pys selling used makeup, and underwear w/o tags you swear are not used. GROSS is there anyone who is actually buying this stuff? Am i the only one who thinks this is nasty?? 

puppylove --- 9 years ago -

I have a lot of friends that will use someone else's makeup or used make up. I personally think its gross and stupid even if you know the person you are sharing the makeup with you can get something. Makeup should be thrown out every couple of months max. I throw my eye makeup out every 4-6weeks. 

BlueBettas --- 9 years ago -

That is GROSS! If you're not careful, you could end up getting an infection from the used makeup. I don't know why anyone would want someone's old makeup.
The underwear, well, there are sickos that like to buy other people's panties! 

RUserious --- 9 years ago -

lol yes it is nasty!... 

ChefsDoItBetter3 --- 9 years ago -

I know someone who caught herpes from letting their friend use their mascara! No thank you, that stays with you forever. 

Champ --- 9 years ago -

I personally wouldn't,sounds icky, but maybe a pump bottle foundation wouldn't be all that "gross". But something someone literally touches on their face, then re touches (with a brush or anything) it skeeves me out about the sample items on display in sephora (i get you're not supposed to touch the products and use certain things, but ehhhh.) and when they do your make up they use certain brushes on multiple people. 

Liberal Scumbag --- 9 years ago -

People on the Camp Pen Resale page on FB sell used bras. GAAAAAGGG! 

CincinnatiMommy --- 9 years ago -

[i]People on the Camp Pen Resale page on FB sell used bras.
UGH i know so NASTY also the used bathing suits on pys....that is ridiculous. " only worn once or twice" uhmm really? LOL smdh 

grantsmommy --- 9 years ago -

the used bathing suits and bras don't irk me because a hot wash no microbes will survive. I personally wont do it because I'll just buy new but some people don't have that privilege =D

I had a yardsale and had a free bucket with all my old makeup and man, that stuff was scooped up quick! ewwww 

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