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In labor

who's talking here?

DotComMyLife 3
laneys mommy 1
AbbyTailsBowtique 1
Barbie 1
Mom25 1
AZbound 1
shizzlemydizzle 1
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DotComMyLife --- 5 years ago -

Need some distraction. 

LottieDotti --- 5 years ago -

Good luck. Congrats. :) 

shizzlemydizzle --- 5 years ago -

Are you at the hospital/birthing center? 

AZbound --- 5 years ago -

Good luck! I have 3 weeks or less left myself =0) 

laneys mommy --- 5 years ago -

:-) Enjoy your new bundle of joy!! 

DotComMyLife --- 5 years ago -

Hey thanks! I had my baby Wed in an ambulance so that was fun. We are home now enjoying our new addition. 

AbbyTailsBowtique --- 5 years ago -

wow in an ambulence? how is everyone 

Barbie --- 5 years ago -

Congrats! Glad you guys are home and healthy! 

DotComMyLife --- 5 years ago -

We are good, now we have an awesome story to tell. It wasn't awesome at the time though! Just goes to show, birthing is never an exact science. 

Mom25 --- 5 years ago -

Now I am nervous! I am due with my fifth and was told last Thursday I would not go another week...she was wild for two days and still nothing. I am usually alone with two young ones so an ambulance is no good for me...I better get a sign soon so I can get there! Walking around knowing you are dilated and effaced is unnerving! 

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