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who's talking here?

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CharmCity --- 5 years ago -

We just received orders to Brooklyn NY! Has anyone been stationed there? Any information would be great! TIA 

shizzlemydizzle --- 5 years ago -

What part of Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is a big borough! I was born in the Greenpoint section.

If you love theater/nightlife, you'll be minutes from NYC! A quick train ride and you're in the heart of culture beyond belief!

NY is EXPENSIVE, but so worth every cent. 

CharmCity --- 5 years ago -

Ft Hamilton that's all I know?! I was told to live in the Rockaways/Avenue? but google isn't showing anything! :/ 

ItIsWhatItIs --- 5 years ago -

I'm from the Bronx New York and had to go to Ft. hamiliton to get enrolled into deers before we came to the west coast. It's a nice base! It's fairly big and has the river view, everything's really close on base and off, I think you'll enjoy it. 

CuteCurlyC --- 5 years ago -

So jealous!!! I'm from NY and can't wait to get back. You will def enjoy the city life!!! 

Jersey Shore Chickie --- 5 years ago -

I miss Brooklyn, I had family that lived in the Bensonhurst area... you'll find amazing delis and bakeries. So not fair! You'll only be about 45 minute-hour drive from the Jersey Shore (Point Pleasant - very family oriented)

I miss home! 

CharmCity --- 5 years ago -

Super nervous but excited! I'm going to miss Cali! I've grown to love it here. Off to adventure NY with my husband, two kiddos, dog and cat ahhhh! Can one of you hold my hand thru it?! lol thanks everyone! 

dtavarez --- 5 years ago -

What I would do to be stationed in Brooklyn! I am originally from New York City and I miss it. It will be a huge transition from here. Expect a lot of traffic! I have been on that base to be enrolled in deers and the housing is nice but they look like town homes. It is not very big but you get to have a breath taking view of the Verrazano bridge! Hope you enjoy it!!! The BAH over there is the highest BAH in the states because is so expensive. Depending on your hubby's rank, is almost near up to $3000 monthly! Have fun!!! :) 

Mrs Mamas --- 5 years ago -

I'm from the Bronx New York

Boogie Down!!! :-)

OP, PM'ed you :-) 

ItIsWhatItIs --- 5 years ago -

Haha Mrs Mamas ;) 

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