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Nurse Advice Line--Tricare?

who's talking here?

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gbob --- 10 years ago -

This is not an emergency, but does anyone know if Tricare has a 'nurse advice line' or something similar? Or even NHCP?
The writing on the Tricare card is so small that I cannot read it.

MorrigansMaiden --- 10 years ago -

It's 760 725 help for nhcp, but expect to b on hold for forty rice minutes if they pick up at all 

gbob --- 10 years ago -

Thanks, I found that as was surprised that I was only on hold for less then a minute!!
They said my grandaughter should come in because they can't tell much over the phone, but I don't like to make an ER visit, if it's not an emergency.
She has a rash that looks like dermatitus (sp) and Benedryl is not helping it... 

shizzlemydizzle --- 10 years ago -

benadryl isn't going to help dermatitis.

Benadryl is for allergic reactions. If the rash wasn't caused by an allergen, it's not going to do a thing for it. 

gbob --- 10 years ago -

She spent the night at my daughter's house Friday and woke up with it. It gets better somewhat after Benedryl, but then comes back. It seems to itch at times, but she is not constantly scratching it. It looks like blotches of sunburn. I feel I can wait to take her to the dr but wanted to know if there is something else I could be doing for her. 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 10 years ago -

They always say take them to the er. It's a waste to even call, they can't give medical advise over the phone. 

gbob --- 10 years ago -

What about Doctors Express...has anyone ever used it? I know they take Tricare. 

Charlie'sWife --- 10 years ago -

The naval hosp has an urgent care side. It is in the same area as the er but treats things that aren't emergency. I think they open at 9 am every day. 

gbob --- 10 years ago -

Would they be open today? I haven't heard about it before... 

Poe --- 10 years ago -

I'm sure today falls under the category of everyday. 

jujubeanies --- 10 years ago -

I've taken my kids to doctors express..I was in and out in 35 mins 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 10 years ago -

Ive used the Scripts Urgent Care and they have everything in the same building, lab, ultrasounds, basically anything you would need which makes it nice. Ive taken my 2 year old there and had labs, chest xray and meds and not been there longer than 1 and half. That was mostly waiting on the lab results. They are very fast and thorough. I really like the doctors there. 

gbob --- 10 years ago -

I called NHCP back and they said they do not have an urgent care...?
I am just going to wait and see how she is tomorrow. 

Vod Kaknockers --- 10 years ago -

You can call TriCare, and ask for a referral to an urgent care center. 

Liberal Scumbag --- 10 years ago -

The NHCP doesn't call it "urgent care," but that's essentially what they're running. I don't know why they don't just use terms that we are more familiar with to help serve us better.

When you go to the NH and check in back at the ER desk for things like you are describing, they will assign you to their 'fast track' section of the ER, which is essentially their urgent care portion. they get you in and get you out, often times in under an hour. I've found that Sunday mornings seem to be an ideal time. Both times I've had to go (UTI and sinus infection) I've gotten in and out in exactly an hour. Or a few minutes less. That's from check-in to walking out the front door of the NH.

And it seems Tricare / NH give people different stories as to what you can / cannot do in "urgent" situations. I was told that if you're assigned to the NH for primary care, you CANNOT use an out-in-town urgent care clinic. You HAVE to come to the NH and go through the ER if your pcm is not open or too full for appointments.

But I know people who say they've been told otherwise and have used for-profit urgent care centers with no repercussions and no out of pocket expenses so...I won't say what IS or IS NOT Tricare's policy.

But at any rate...yes, the NH ER has an urgent care, fast track that is open every day, including late nights and weekends. I've used it, and found them pretty quick, fairly efficient, and I got the treatment I needed. 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 10 years ago -

Ive been to the ER on base 3 times, not a whole lot but every time I have went there was no fast track ER. The most recently was about a month ago. 

Liberal Scumbag --- 10 years ago -

Ive been to the ER on base 3 times, not a whole lot but every time I have went there was no fast track ER. The most recently was about a month ago. 

There's no sign...they don't tell you what they're doing or where they're assigning you. But you'll hear them refer to you as 'fast track' occasionally. And that's what the nurse at the ER desk told me when I checked in on a Sunday with a UTI. I said I hated coming to the ER for things like this, but Tricare said I couldn't go to out in town urgent care. And she said that "we run the same sort of thing here...we keep cases like yours separated from emergency patients." So they DO, they just don't shout it from the rafters. And I don't know why, because people won't "abuse the ER" so much (a big concern of theirs, not a judgment call from me. LOL!) if they knew there was another option. 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 10 years ago -

Oh ok. The only person that goes to the base ER is my husband and I had to while pregnant. My children and I see a doctor out in town and they are great for getting us in same day thank goodness. I hate the ER. My husband twisted his ankle really bad not a emergency but it happened friday night and I made him go cause I thought it was broken. Swelled up almost as big as his head the next day and on a Saturday it took over 6 hours for him to be seen. There was about 10 other people waiting too. 

gbob --- 10 years ago -

I don't like to go to the ER in a casr like this, because it is NOT an emergency, and it drives me nuts (on the times I have been there) to see people use it for small stuff.
I'm glad I waited, she seems to be pretty much back to normal this morning!
They REALLY should think about having an urgent care somewhere either in the hospital itself, of on base somewhere. 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 10 years ago -

to see people use it for small stuff.
People whoes PCMs are at the naval hospital if they need a appt and cant be seen they tell them to go to the ER. I hate that, so glad our PCMs are private docs. I feel bad for people who need a appt and the only option is the ER 

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