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I joined this crazy place on 2011-09-26, 7 years ago.

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I likes to hike, play the violin, read, hang out with my hubby and our pets, and do anything artsy. I LOVE crafts. =}

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Husband EASing, I'm considering enlisting... - 4 years ago

Hey all... I tried to search google and the PU for something similar to this, but have not been able to find anything so far. So here goes... My husband is an E5 with an EAS date of Dec 2014. We ha...

How to get an appointment with Mental Health? - 6 years ago

Call what? Lol, seen autocorrect :-) and I've considered the running naked thing... But then it started raining today and it seemed less appealing.

Anyone Like Thrift Stores? - 6 years ago

Are you talking about Brother Benno's thrift store? Next to the Good Will? Or is it the next plaza over?

Frontline tattoo - 6 years ago

I got my cover up done at about face by Blake, and he was fantastic. Great job and a screaming deal on price. IMO, Frontline is highway robbery. I have also been to a great shop in Bonsall that...

Crochet or craft group - 6 years ago

I'd love a crochet and craft group, just name a place and time. I sent you a message :-)

r u serious moment..... - 6 years ago

Ok I understand people putting the little yellow kids at play signs on the sidewalk. But there is a house in wm that puts like three of them in the middle of the street. it causes traffic problems and...

calling cops? - 6 years ago

Yeah I would call for a noise complaint. What if you prevent something worse from happening by calling on them. Anyway call local.police department. Also, weekend quiet hours are for Friday and Saturd...

Moto Much... - 6 years ago

I even found a little children's cami cover, and dolled my hair up and pinned the cover to my hair off to the side. It was pretty adorable! Tasteful too, not all slooty.

Moto Much... - 6 years ago

I have a couple moto shirts that just say USMC on them. I like them. I don't usually wear them anywhere fancy, because they are t-shirts, not because they are moto. I feel like if you turn your usmc s...

Yes we will take it to PU....hehehe! - 6 years ago

I just want to point out that its funny how the woman in the pys post says half naked in quotes like its a bad word.... Lol. I don't like dressing like a hoochie, nor would I let my kids do so, bu...

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