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Salad Dressing substitute?

who's talking here?

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LaLa --- 10 years ago -

Is there anything anyone uses instead of salad dressing? I want to cut down on the calories
I looove ranch and Caesar dressing but I put so much on my salad that it defeats the purpose of even eating a salad.
One of my friends uses the ranch powder mix dry on her salad instead of actual dressing. I tried it and it still tastes good but I cant eat the salad dry.
Ive tried italian and im not a fan.
:) TY 

SoonToBeJD --- 10 years ago -

I use lemon juice. 

Champ --- 10 years ago -

When I was vegan I used salsa. 

Poe --- 10 years ago -

Do you like Basalmic?

I put cottage cheese on my salads. 

accountnickname --- 10 years ago -

Get some olive oil and balsamic from the Temecula Olive Oil Company and you can make your own dressing with less olive oil. Olive oil is a much healthier fat anyway. 

LaLa --- 10 years ago -

Im not a big fan of olive oil sadly.
I would have never thought to use lemon juice. I love the smell!


What does it taste like?
Clearly Ive been a ranch eater my whole life lol 

Wiscogirl --- 10 years ago -

I've been using the spray. It still has the flavor but it's only 1 calorie a spray! 

accountnickname --- 10 years ago -

Oh but if you tried some of their basil infused olive oil with some pomegranate balsamic in it, you would change your mind! :D They have other infused olive oils as well plus different types of balsamic. Yum... 

Momma2Fur --- 10 years ago -

There are various flavors of vinaigrette you can buy. I make my own strawberry vinaigrette with all fresh ingredients and the only sugar added is what comes naturally in the fruit or by nature. ;)

I don't really measure but I put together about a cup of strawberries pureed, raspberry vinaigrette, minced garlic, olive oil and a hint of honey. 

AnonyMISS --- 10 years ago -

I love vinegar. I make my own balsamic vinaigrette. Balsamic, olive oil, a table spoon dijon mustard, salt, pepper a little bit of italian herb blend, and a kiss of brown sugar to cut the tart...shake it up and enjoy. yum! 

nessaTEX --- 10 years ago -

Ken's makes a awesome balsamic, it's called
Balsamic with Honey. Just make sure you follow the serving size because it does have more calories then regular balsamic. 

Thread Killer --- 10 years ago -

2 table spoons olive oil
1 table spoon lemon juice
1 fresh minced garlic clove

It's not ranch or caesar but it is AMAZING, especially on summer salads! Pus, it can be used as a marinade for chicken. 

Thread Killer --- 10 years ago -

Also, try looking for your favorite dressings made with greek yogurt instead. The calories are cut in half and the dressings are well worth the extra 2-3 dollars.

The dressings can be found in most grocery stores in the same area where refigerated dressings are sold. 

DaniP --- 10 years ago -

Walden Farms makes a salad dressing that is zero cal, zero carb. I have not tried it but will soon. They carry it at Albertsons. 

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