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I joined this crazy place on 2008-09-16, 14 years ago.

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I'm old enough to drink, smoke, and gamble, but I'm not yet old enough to run for the presidential office.

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help San Onofre 1, 2bed 1 bath - 9 years ago

If you are looking for space, San O 1 has almost double what you can find out in town in San Clemente. You have a fenced in yard, a garage, 2 bedrooms, nice size kitchen, etc. If you live out in to...

TB Testing in San Clemente - 9 years ago

If you call and ask around at different walk in clinics or urgent care, you may be able to find a better price. The Minute Clinic is expensive for a TB test, I had one done at the Little Clinic in AZ(...

Closest scrapbook store - 9 years ago

From my experience, you have to travel to find an actual specialty store. Ever After is your best bet. There was one on the N. end of base(San Clemente/Dana Point near Target), I forget what it was...

Online school... - 9 years ago

I attend University of Phoenix online and will probably move to in-person (if that's how you say it) classes and online once I move into my bachelors program. If you plan to attend ANY online schoo...

olive garden gift cards? - 9 years ago

You can buy them from an actual Olive Garden.

BAH question. - 10 years ago

My husband currently lives in the barracks and I live in Arizona. He also has a little under a year left until his EAS. His room is assigned to him and he receives full BAH.

God parents? - 10 years ago

I feel like a godparent is there as a "spiritual" mentor of sorts for the child. A godparent is present at the child's most important religious milestones, ie baptism and confirmation. If you feel...

FRO 1/5 - 10 years ago

He sends out very few emails. If you want to contact him, the best way that I have found is through email. He usually takes a few days to get back to you but he has always replied to my emails.

96 while training? - 10 years ago

Actually, 110 in the summer w/no humidity feels a lot cooler than 100 w/high humidity. Anyhow, OP, my husband has been to Mojave Viper twice and one time he received a Satuday off and the other tim...

Where to go for a formal gown? - 10 years ago

Try big name bridal stores like David's Bridal where you can buy off the rack. Also, places like Macy's at the mall. Even Saks has some nice gowns but if you find one there that you like, make sure yo...

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