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God parents?

who's talking here?

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MRMG --- 9 years ago -

If you asked my best friends and her husband To be god parents to your child and we barely talk too them now, and they didn't even make a appearance at my baby shower it wrong tell them I jus feel being godparentisnt just about buying stuff it's more than that. is not a joke , like I don't feel like there taking anything serious .... So I'm gonna just tell them I thnk I'm going reconsider but not in a rude way. Is that wrong my husband and I are both upset. And idk what to do ..I'm moving back home , next week and it's just really wired when we're around each other now just for me . I think it's because since I been pregnant she hasn't really made a point see how am doing or talk to me like we use too, it's just different now and the baby due any day now an am stressed about the whole situation I don't wanna hurt any one feelings
Even though my feelings are completely hurt, and I feel like my friendship is pretty much completely distant. 

gorgeousll19 --- 9 years ago -

It's not wrong that you both are upset. I would be as well. I would do the same thing. It's better to do it now rather than after the baby has been baptized and realized what you see now. 

MRMG --- 9 years ago -

Yeah thanks, I just how think of a way too tell them 

accountnickname --- 9 years ago -

They might not realize how important it is to you. Many people don't do godparents or infant baptism so what it entails might be lost on them. I would suggest talking to them about exactly what being a godparent means to you and ask them if they truly feel like they want to do all that. Sounds like the answer would probably be no. 

MRMG --- 9 years ago -

Yeah , true. They know how much this means too me this my 4th pregnancy i lost 3of the, and this is my angel 

MRMG --- 9 years ago -

Yeah , true. They know how much this means too me this my 4th pregnancy i lost 3of the, and this is my angel 

MRMG --- 9 years ago -

Yeah , true. They know how much this means too me this my 4th pregnancy i lost 3of the, and this is my angel. I just don't feel comfortable with them being possible godparents anymore . If I'm uncomfortable around them and we hardly talk , just changes everything. My baby showed was yesterday she said she couldn't comecause her husband was making her go out town , when I went on Facebook yesterday she posted something stating today were all gonna have fun can't wait to go have few drinks ... Cause she was out town it makes me so mad. So I think I will just tel, them I want someone who is gonna be there no matter what,. 

Thread Killer --- 9 years ago -

I feel like a godparent is there as a "spiritual" mentor of sorts for the child. A godparent is present at the child's most important religious milestones, ie baptism and confirmation.

If you feel like your friend does not want to take on that role for your child then let her know that. 

penny --- 9 years ago -

^^ Yea I agree with threadkiller. Are the god parents religious? You didn't mention that and if they aren't they may not really understand what it really means. 

MRMG --- 9 years ago -

They are catholic, but don't attend church are anything ..

I kno I should called but I was having terrible anxiety about the whole situation and sent a text.
Saying I just want them to know how important it means to me to have good parents for my daughter who means the world to me, it means a whole lot to me, and I just wanna make sure you are going to be commoited and take the full responsibility as godparents, I only want the best for mt daughter and want make sure u know it's a big deal to me, and honestly make sure u can completely accept all the responsibilities , as a god parent .

Idk if that was good enough but was nicest way I could put it... 

Momma2Fur --- 9 years ago -

My kids don't have Godparents, but if they did I would have really based my decision on my candidates closeness in their own spiritual walk more than anything else. Believing is one thing, and living out that belief is another. I would want a person who could walk the talk and aimed at building a personal relationship with God. I mean, if they don't do those things, how are they supposed to be spiritual guidance for my own kids?

Just another idea to consider when thinking about if you want them as Godparents or not. Good luck in your decision. 

MRMG --- 9 years ago -

I never got response to my text so I think I got my answer. I appreciate everyone's advise :) 

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