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care packages?

who's talking here?

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Kray1226 --- 6 years ago -

What are things u can and can't send? And what are some suggestions? 

Poe --- 6 years ago -

Send hand sanitizer, wet wipes and socks. 

HereAgain --- 6 years ago -

Individually wrapped snacks and drink mixes... 

Jmblankets --- 6 years ago -

I always send cheese and crackers packs, snack foods, hard candy, drink mixes, beef jerky. 

Jersey Shore Chickie --- 6 years ago -

My family and I use to do theme boxes, pretty sure my husbands friends thought we were nuts sending them blow up palm tree coolers, somberos, hawaiian leis, random stuff... but we would also send, jerky, pb&j cracker kits, canned fruit, wetnaps, ramen, hot sauces for the MREs, socks, underwear, the green shirts that claim to have some sort of material in it that keeps it from getting nasty. 

BellaLaVie --- 6 years ago -

I'm making german chocolate cake in a jar right now. Hope it comes out good...

Here are some ideas, too.

No pork, porn, alcohol. 

accountnickname --- 6 years ago -

It depended on where my husband was. Most of the time he was places he needed specific stuff, like a solar shower when he was at a FOB with no running water etc. He also always wanted beef jerky and other snacks to take with him on all the missions because MREs got ver boring. When he was at FOBs with no meals (only MREs) I would send things like tuna kits and other food that didn't need to be cooked for when he wasn't on a mission. He never wanted me to send stuff he didn't need because he was always transferred to the FOBs and units where his particular job was needed the most. He couldn't just pack up everything. He really liked drink mix stuff though, especially stuff he could add to his camelback since the water didn't often taste very good. 

BellaLaVie --- 6 years ago -

I agree with accountnickname. His 1st and 2nd deployment I sent things like tuna kits, baby wipes (so he could "bathe" on missions), whole grain crackers, gatorade packets, toothbrush, toothpaste, chapstick, lotion, etc.

On this deployment he has a PX rather close by. So I don't send him toiletries anymore. He hasn't wanted sweets for the whole deployment (9 months so far) but he just called and said he was missing german chocolate cake, rice kris pies, fruit roll ups, etc. Guess he got a sweet tooth. So I made German Chocolate Cake in a jar, and bought him some of that other stuff. The first part of the deployment it was tuna kits, bed sheets, canned fruit, supplements, etc. 

sweetcheeks --- 6 years ago -

I sent pork rinds...they made it ;) 

BellaLaVie --- 6 years ago -

I sent pork rinds...they made it ;) 

I think it has to do with the culture over there...It's prohibited by Muslim law. So that's why they say no pork *shrug* 

GardenWitch --- 6 years ago -

Razors if he uses a particular kind, individual drink mixes to add to the water, jarred salsa and chips.

He was able to eat at a Pizza hut of all things occasionally, and had steak and lobster/shrimp nights in the chow hall, I didn't feel too sorry for him. 

a3809527uu --- 6 years ago -

My husband was at a PB that didn't have much so i would send him Campbell's chunky soup,Chilli,lots of canned fruit.His favorite was when I sent pizza crusts,pizza sauce,canned mushrooms,olives,pepperoni,and any other pizza toppings i thought of minus the I also sent him protein/energy bars for patrols,canned chicken,crackers,lots of tuna,bbq sauce,hot sauce,and a whole bunch of different random snacks. I would just walk the aisles of the store and throw in what ever i thought he would like! Making/decorating care packages was my thing to do to cheer me up! 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 6 years ago -

Oh if you have a vacuum sealer you can send just about anything that doesnt need to be refrigerated. I was always baking and sending it. It all depends on where your husband is though and what he is doing. 

IrishDeLight --- 6 years ago -

I've been sending beef jerky, sunflower seeds, hot sauce, lots of chips, and other little things along the way. and with every package i make sure to send pictures-- and a letter sprayed with perfume.... it helps;-) I've done that for every deployment and he always remembers that and mentions it-- the perfume he could smell from my letters... 

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