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update on dog poisonings

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bigmamaperry --- 6 years ago -

i talked to animal control today. i had my dog pass away a week ago. and a lady with animal control said that they are looking into the poisonings of the animals on base. she said that the people of base need to be patient with them and pmo. they are looking into all possible aspects of how they where poisoned. it takes 7 to 15 days to find out what killed the animals if it was poison. i thought i would give a update. i just wish that everyone be patient with animal control and pmo. i know that it is going to be hard when you lost a pet. hell i have lost my dog and he was only a year old. and i have yelled screamed and cussed out my husband. it hurts to know that your pet that is like a child to you dies. but i know the hurt and pain that you get. but it is just a time that you need to think on how you would think they would react if it was there pet that passed. they are doing their best to find out why pets are pass away on base. i hope that you take my words to heart. if you dont then that is on you. i am just passing word along to those that have been bitching about nothing being done. SOMETHING IS BEING DONE! it just takes time. if you dont trust me then call yourself and get then same info i did today. thank you 

shizzlemydizzle --- 6 years ago -

Have you found out the cause of your dog's death yet? 

bigmamaperry --- 6 years ago -

no i have not. but they did tell me that he had blood on his brain when they did an autopsy. but i will not know anything for another week or 2 

shizzlemydizzle --- 6 years ago -

Did you pup have any symptoms?

There are telltale signs for antifreeze poisoning. 

bigmamaperry --- 6 years ago -

he didnt eat the day he died. he stumbled are when i let him out to go to the bathroom. he threw everything up that he ate the day before. he wouldnt drink water. he had a seizer before he died 

puppylove --- 6 years ago -

I'm so sorry About your puppy. That's horrible. Where you able to rush him to the vet when he started acting funny? 

Ladybug1230 --- 6 years ago -

that's so awfulÂ… I'm so sorry. :( 

bigmamaperry --- 6 years ago -

no i couldnt. before i had the chance he passed away 

puppylove --- 6 years ago -

I only wondered if my dogs started acting like that if there was enough time to take them to the vet or not. I'm so sorry again. 

bigmamaperry --- 6 years ago -

If you notice it in time yes there is. It happen on a saturday evening. And i didnt know if there was a vet open on saturday. It really sucks. Cause i think every damn day that i could have done something to belp him and i didnt. At first i thought because he stumbled around that he slept on his legs wrong. When he didnt eat i thought he wasnt hungry. When he didnt drink that he wasnt thursty at that time. But if i could go back on time to change it all i sure in the hell would. Believe i think every damn day that i could have saved him. But it all happen so fast that i didnt have time to react to save him. I cry every night and i ask my hubby to bring my dog back. I have had him since he was 7 weeks old. I have screamed, cussed, and cryed everyday. It has been a week and i dont think that it helps me. But i know that my cousin in heaven is looking after my hendrix. And that has helped me find a little bot of piece. I want everyone to know what i am going through so you dont have to deal with the pain that i or anyone else is going through. Watch your pets outside dont even leave them alone for a second. Cause anything can happen in that second that you take your eyes off them. Pets are like children. They get into anything and everything they can find. 

puppylove --- 6 years ago -

When I was my little I had a dog poisoned with rat poison and my mom rushed him to the vet in time for him to have to be put down. So even if you had it may not have helped at all. You can't think it's your fault at all you gave him a wonderful home from the sounds of it. I know it's hard but you don't know if they could have done anything. 

bigmamaperry --- 6 years ago -

I did give him a good home. He was my baby. It just hurts to think that i could not help him at all. Im just so upset that i lost him so young. And they are not sure what he died from yet. But i can say out of all the pain Friends Forever has been great. I called them the same day as animal control and they told where they where with him as far as the cremation went. They also told me if i had any questions to call them. I have been told that i am crazy for crematong my hendrix, but the hole thing is that is what animal control would have done. I have a friend that her little girl was close with my dog. That sweet girl does not understand that my puppy is in heaven. The best way that i could explain to a 4 year old is that the puppy is protecting her great grandma and grandpa and my cousin in heaven. That helped all for about 5 minutes. But hey she is 4. But it helps me to know that. Puppylove thank you so much for your kind words. You are truely a god send 

puppylove --- 6 years ago -

My niece is that age and my parents dog past away a few months ago. They did a little ceremony for him to help her understand. In her case it helps that she goes to church and they explained things to her too. 

Poe --- 6 years ago -

Its only a matter of time before they get caught and hopefully they get the max punishment. I wonder if that person or persons realize the severity of what they've done. 

shizzlemydizzle --- 6 years ago -

They'll probably be charged with felony cruelty to animals and plead down to a misdemeanor.


CharlieWhiskey2 --- 6 years ago -

When I lived back in Northern California, there was a man who had like 50 dogs.
Neighbors called animal control hundreds of times and finally they came out to find dog's bones and bodies everywhere. He basically let the dogs do whatever and they ended up killing each other or starving.
He got no jail time. I'm not exaggerating when I say 50 dogs either, I may even be underestimating it.
I sincerely hope this person or persons get caught and get a stiff punishment and I'm hoping since it happened on base, it will add on to the severity. 

HarlequinSoul --- 6 years ago -

Charlie whiskey, where in norcal? I used to work at a low kill animal shelter in chico and the same thing happened. There was a guy with 82 dogs who didn't do.anything with them but breed them. They were all chow husky mixes that he would sell for hundred saying they were wolf mixes. I think he just had to pay fines. But there were dead dogs.and stuff all over his property too. 

bigmamaperry --- 6 years ago -

that is just sad. people like that dont need to have any kind of animals. it just makes me sick to know people like that have animals. 

HisWifeyTheirMommy --- 6 years ago -

When I was my little I had a dog poisoned with rat poison and my mom rushed him to the vet in time for him to have to be put down.
We had this exact thing happen to the pup that I grew up with :( I noticed he was acting funny and my parents took him straight to the vet but it was too late, all they could do was put him down to prevent more suffering. It is so sad. 

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