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Advice on selling my house? HELP.

who's talking here?

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DaniP --- 6 years ago -

I have a house in Jacksonville, nc. It is about 5 miles from base. It is currently being rented but i am trying to sell it when the renters get out of the house. I am looking for advice to sell. What should i do to help sell it? Any advice would be great. I do not have a fence in the back yard, would that help? Any advice. Thanks. 

Jersey Shore Chickie --- 6 years ago -

If I was going to flip this house I would do the following before listing it. I grew up in a family where we had several rentals and properties.

1. Concrete/asphalt/gravel the driveway. Not sure on NC prices.

2. Your roof looks likes in need or repairs from the picture. If its relatively new 5 years or less advertise it.

3. No curb appeal, landscape, home depot isn't that expensive, the front lawn/entrance way is bare. $300

4. Paint the garage door to match the shutters. $ 50

5. Carpet looks worn from pictures, if its more than 2 years old, have new carpeting or the laminate put down. you're looking at about $3 a sq.floor.

6.New/updated fixture over table either lighting or ceiling fan. $100

7. Note if you are including the appliances. If you can afford it, try to find inexpensive newer appliances. People love stainless steel. If you can't, HD makes a finish you can use on your appliance to make the flat black. $ 50 (last time I bought it)

8. Restain the cabinets. The oak color is dated, most people want either white or dark chocolate in color. COST $ 200, sanding/stain

9. Krylon makes a do it yourself kit to refinish your countertops. Its EASY to do. COST $159

10. Minimize the chachi/nicknacks.

11. Invest in some nice curtains or window treatments. You can find panels at Anna's Lines for $10-12 a panel. Remember you can always return them or pys them

12. Make sure the house is dusted, smells good and has had a deep clean.

I don't want to come off as harsh or mean, this is what I would do. An investment of $2k could get this house sold quicker. 

DaniP --- 6 years ago -

Thanks for all the advice. I am open to any advice. I would love to update it some and just not sure what all to do. I am knocking money off the listing price and paying closing. I do appreciate all the advice. 

Maureen --- 6 years ago -

We just listed our house and within 6 hours of having it on the market, we had an offer above our asking price and accepted it.

If you have extra money, I definitely think paving your driveway would make the outside look much more appealing. Indoor plants add so much to a house. Get a few to put on the kitchen counters and in each room. I would paint the blue bathroom to a more neutral color. Bright colors tend to scare buyers away.

I wouldn't go buts with everything, just spruce it up a bit. Open curtains/blinds to let the light in.

Good luck! 

DaniP --- 6 years ago -

So i could put a lot of work and money into the house, let's say $2,000.00 or just knock off another $2,000.00. What would you want? 

Jersey Shore Chickie --- 6 years ago -

I would say you are doing a "flooring allowance" or something like that and say how much.

Just remember you can get discounts at Home Depot for some of the stuff. I agree with Maureen with the blue, however I am a fan of the blue/brown mix. We have it in our new home.

Personally as a home owner, when I move into a home I'd rather have the work done than have to do it myself. Lumber liquidators and HD offer amazing prices on installation and actual material cost.

I'd focus on flooring & curb appeal if you pick two things to go for. 

BellaLaVie --- 6 years ago -

It's a cute house. Looks secluded.

I would spend the $2k to spruce it up if I were you. 

pandamanda0719 --- 6 years ago -

I would fence it.. You have a nice play ground in the back yard I think a fence would add value. We are looking for homes in VA and if it doesn't have a fence we will not buy it. 

AZbound --- 6 years ago -

I would rather buy a house that's already fixed up vs fixing it myself....even if it's a little more expensive. I agree with adding a fence. We also will not buy a house without a fenced in yard.
I would also do something to the driveway.
Don't go all crazy looks just fine for the most part =0) 

somethingoranother --- 6 years ago -

I think the front seems like it's missing something, maybe add some flowers or if you have a better idea-just add a little bit of color. (don't spend too much though since you won't get that back I just think it'll make more people look at it)
Then a completely free thing you can try to do is rearrange bedrooms-see if there's any way to work it to make them seem bigger, you'd be surprised at how much that can change a room.
Redo some of the pictures with blinds and curtains completely open, this will also make a big difference. Then maybe if that's mulch in the back yard? Sorry if I'm seeing it wrong, but make sure there are no weeds growing in it and maybe poor a very thin layer of new mulch on top to make it really "pop"
(We've moved a lot, so just giving advice realtors have gave us in the past as I see fit with yours)

Best of luck in selling it! 

somethingoranother --- 6 years ago -

pour* not poor 

BellaLaVie --- 6 years ago -

We are looking for homes in VA and if it doesn't have a fence we will not buy it. 

Why? Fences aren't that expensive to put up yourself. I wouldn't say no to a house just because there isn't a fence.

How is the chubbert hamster, anyway? 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 6 years ago -

I like how the yard is open. Your backyard is kind of fenced in by trees. I think it makes it pretty and open. Probably also makes it look bigger than it would look if it was fenced in. Good luck selling it. Looks like a perfect starter home for someone. 

accountnickname --- 6 years ago -

I would not put in a fence. That is a lot of land to fence and if a buyer wants a fence they will be able to decide what type of fence they will want based on their needs and how much they will want to put into it. If you put in a chain-link fence that will rule out any buyers who would prefer a wooden or vinyl fence, and would be a wasted expense on a buyer who doesn't need a fence at all.

Personally I would rather have an allowance to paint and such how I want. I like colors, if I was buying a beige house I wouldn't see it as being any different than a house full of colors I don't like. Both would need to be painted.

The one thing I would do for sure if you can afford it is to pave the driveway. Some plants would be nice as well. I've seen the kits that people use to make things look like stainless steel, granite etc and I don't like them. If I were looking at a house with that stuff I would feel that replacing anything that was done to would be part of the money I would need to put into the house myself. 

pandamanda0719 --- 6 years ago -

[i]Why? Fences aren't that expensive to put up yourself. I wouldn't say no to a house just because there isn't a fence.[i]

We need something move in ready. 2 kids, one on way, 2 dogs.. We are already going to be staying in a hotel till we find a place and close.

I wouldn't fence the whole yard.. Just the back of the house where the kids play set is. And def not a chain link.. If I were to buy it I would want a wooden fence.

Best of luck to you selling your house! It's gorgeous! 

pandamanda0719 --- 6 years ago -

How is the chubbert hamster, anyway?

You changed your name I was a little confused!
"bunny" as my kids named him died :/ I have no clue what happened to him. Woke up one day and he was dead. Poor thing had rough life! 

Champ --- 6 years ago -

I vote no fence.(i like them having 2 kids) but your yard area is so big the fence will make it seem sectioned off and a lot of land unused. I agree with letting whoever moves in do it themselves if they want it. I don't know the expense but perhaps wood floors in dining/ kitchen and staining the cabinets to match. That's where I'd spend the most money updating is the kitchen. I don't think the outside looks bad, maybe casual and no wow factor, but perhaps just a small amount of work. I don't think flowers esp if you won't be there often to take care of them throughout the selling process. Honestly I think the biggest reason the house wouldn't sell is only having one bathroom, but I suppose that really can't be "fixed" with a reasonable budget. 

BellaLaVie --- 6 years ago -

"bunny" as my kids named him died :/

Poor guy. He didn't really have much of a chance :( 

BettyDraper06 --- 6 years ago -

You wanna sell it fast..... You need to put in laminate wood floors throughout in a warm tone. Paint the entire house a neutral designer gold based beige.... Landscape the yard.... Doesn't have to be fancy but get the grass looking like it belongs in a magazine and put in nice year round green bushes.... We have silver berry and they do GREAT in winter time and summer.... Or even holly bushes! And plant some flowers for some color! Make sure the exterior is pressure washed and all colors on the outside match.... IE shutters and garage door! Update your kitchen if need be. Have your AC serviced roof repaired...NC gets hot so have someone come and see if there is a way to make it more energy efficient insulation wise.... All around you just want to make the whole house neutral and clean.... And staging the house will also help! Good luck.... It's a renters market out there right now! Biggest thing is that you want people to e able to walk in and envision THEIR stuff in the home! And staging will help because a house always look different with furniture than it does without=) 

BettyDraper06 --- 6 years ago -

And the kitchen is where the most money should be spent on upgrades=) I would also tile the bathrooms and kitchen! Wood floors everywhere else. Well laminate! I have real wood right now and it is not good with 3 small kiddos=( 

BettyDraper06 --- 6 years ago -

And mate allow a credit for fencing materials? We put up a 6 foot privacy fence and spent about $700 total for materials and equipment rental=) 

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