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Cross Country

who's talking here?

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CuteCurlyC --- 6 years ago -

It's early to start planning our move back East, but I need a plan A,B....Z or else I won't be at ease. When you ladies have driven cross country with the uhaul and all where do you park the truck for the night? I'm thinking hotels don't let you park that big truck in their lot. Does anyone have any helpful tips? We will be driving the uhaul and hopefully pullin one of the cars. I'm thinking of having the other car shipped. Ideas? Suggestions? 

accountnickname --- 6 years ago -

We never had problems parking in hotel parking lots. When you are planning your route, however, I would recommend calling the hotels you are considering before you book to double-check with them. Some parking lots would be difficult to get in and out of. Also if you are towing the vehicle I wouldn't count on being able to back up at all. 

3Kleebs --- 6 years ago -

We drove from NC last year and we towed my husbands truck behind the uhaul. We stayed at Holiday Inns the whole way and did fine. I drove the car, and would get to the hotel about an hour before my husband and scope it out for where he could park. We were able to park in the hotel parking lot every time, and never had to worry about backing out. 

mnicole07 --- 6 years ago -

If you are shipping the car.. just know pay for it. The military wont pay for it unless it's overseas. We drove the Uhaul truck from NC while towing our Civic.... Be prepared for anything and take YOUR TIME. We went the south way (all 3 times) We really want to go the North way but we want to do it when it's NOT winter time (lot's of snow/mountains) and when your pulling a car.. it's not fun!

We stayed at a hotel every night. The first two nights we didn't have a problem parking the truck with the car. One time we got stuck and you can't back up very easily while towing a car so the hubby had to unhook the whole thing, move the car, then get our truck out of an awkward spot. We ended up getting rid of our second car so it would be easier for us (plus we were not paying to ship our car) But you can always drive one car behind the truck.. it just sucks because you are alone in the car the whole way. BUT if you do have the money to ship your car.. it takes a long time for them to ship so just make sure you ship the car way in advance!

Hope that helps :) 

shizzlemydizzle --- 6 years ago -


I would sell the 2nd car and just purchase another when I got to my destination. Drive the UHaul & the remaining car if there are kids/animals to transport.
Otherwise, tow the remaining vehicle behind the UHaul. 

Maureen --- 6 years ago -

We are doing a cross country move in 2 months. We are renting a truck and pulling our car. I'll be driving our van with the 3 kids and 2 dogs. 

Liz~*Celebrating Home *~ --- 6 years ago -

We did a TMO/DITY last time we drove cross country. We shipped his truck and drove the van here from NC. I think shipping is so much easier and it saves on the wear and tear on that vehicle. We got a hook up though with the truck when we took the receipts in. We never mapped out hotels, we just drove as much as we could in one day and then stopped. We also sight saw too. The next move will be different though, so not sure how that will work yet. 

gbob --- 6 years ago -

My duaghter was lucky when she moved from VA. They had a friend in the Navy who was going to San Diego so he drove their second car, and was able to stop and see family along the way. It worked out for everyone. 

CuteCurlyC --- 6 years ago -

Selling either car would not be a possibility since one is less than 5 months and the other less than 4 years and fully paid for. Makes no sense because I wouldn't get what's the car is worth. Someone mentioned staying at Holiday Inns, how are they? Are they clean? 

accountnickname --- 6 years ago -

Personally, if I am going to stay at just one chain (which I never do anymore since thanks to -- I can find the highest rated and best priced hotel on my phone and book it when I'm just minutes away if need be) I stick to Hampton Inn. I like that I always know it will be safe with a good bed and a decent breakfast. But everyone has their preferred "old reliable" hotel chain. 

LauraLee --- 6 years ago -

We've moved back and forth 3 times and every time we've done a TMO move just so we didn't have to drive a uhaul.

Let someone else do it for you! :) Take your time and enjoy the drive. 

nessaTEX --- 6 years ago -

Let someone else do it for you! :) Take your time and enjoy the drive. 

Yup, that's good enough for my husband and I. 

EastCoastChik --- 6 years ago -

We are moving back to va in july :-) when we moved here tmo moved us and i shipped our car, BIG mistake and waste of money. They cracked my mirror amongst other things. And it was a company that tmo recommended. This time tmo will move our furniture and we will be driving back :-) 

CuteCurlyC --- 6 years ago -

I would love to just ship both cars and fly back, but my husband is getting out and friends suggested a DITY move to make some extra money. I've heard people say they have made a ton and others who have broke even, I guess I'll just have to do more research. A roadtrip seems like a fun idea.... 

dtavarez --- 6 years ago -

We are getting TMO to move us. Too much to stress about. My husband says he knows people who have been screwed doing a DITY move and sometimes end up getting less money and not even processing the paperwork. That's what I heard so I may be wrong. 

sandsea --- 6 years ago -

Cutecurley, I suggest La Quinta Hotels. They are by far the nicest and if you ask for a military discount I think it's under $100/night. They are pet friendly too if that matters to you. We always park in a well lit area in the parking lot and have never had an issue. 

CuteCurlyC --- 6 years ago -

Dtavarez - I've heard the same thing, but then I've also heard people say they made over $5,000. It's a hard decision to make.

Sandsea - thanks! I'll look into that chain of hotels. I'm a hotel snob lol. I can't sleep in certain hotels because I feel like there are germs and they are going to get all over me. Crazy... I know. 

sandsea --- 6 years ago -

Then you would like La Quintas. I think their beds are the most comfortable ones. Don't forget to ask for a government discount, it can really make a difference. 

Mom25 --- 6 years ago -

We came from Quantico last summer. I towed a uhaul trailer behind my suburban and had no issues with parking. We asked for rooms overlooking the lot, locked the trailer and when possible parked husband's car behind it...No problems! Good luck We only stayed at places that offered military discounts and had free 

jdoll --- 6 years ago -

We're moving back to Oklahoma at the end of May. We're also doing a DITY move. My husband wanted to do it because all of his friends that did a DITY ended up with a nice chunk left over. So, we'll see. I know that it can go either way, though. Plus, I heard that you have to pay taxes on it. All I have to say, though, is that the money better be worth it because my hubby will be driving the Penske truck while I'm traveling with a 4 year old an 18 month old! lol! 

CuteCurlyC --- 6 years ago -

Jdoll - good luck! We have no kids or pets so I guess we're lucky in that part. I'm sure the kids must be tired and cranky from being in a car for so many hours. 

jdoll --- 6 years ago -

Jdoll - good luck! We have no kids or pets so I guess we're lucky in that part. I'm sure the kids must be tired and cranky from being in a car for so many hours.

Thanks so much!! We're traveling with two dogs, too!! They're our fur babies so we're really traveling with 4 kiddos!! lol! It's going to be INSANE!! 

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