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Base Housing To Begin Metering

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Clinical Depression --- 7 years ago -

Just got the email for the article in the Marine Corps Times that this summer they are sending out mock "utility bills", and come October of this year is when the policy will go into effect.

My only "concern" is that we pay all of BAH to live on base, and they expect us to pay even OVER that for excess utilities. I'm not an energy hog, but how is this fair?

If you fall Within 10% you get nothing but if you fall under you get a credit.

MC Bases to Start Metering, for REAL! 

Clinical Depression --- 7 years ago -

While its "no different than living out in town", BAH covers the house/"free reign" over utilities. People in concession communities get away with "more" bc they get to pay less. Wonder how it'll work in those communities. Quick! Use a LoT of energy to raise the average. 

Poe --- 7 years ago -

How is that not fair? Conserve energy... seems like a good idea. 

Wiscogirl --- 7 years ago -

I wouldn't have moved on base if i had to pay utilities, I moved on base because when all said and done I paid the same off base with utilities as I do on base without. I would have stayed in my old place. luckily we conserve and shouldn't have much to worry about, but still sucks 

Clinical Depression --- 7 years ago -

It isn't hard to conserve energy with two people, the problem is the idea: pay ALL BAH and still be charged for utilities based on an average. The idea behind living on base: BAH equals rent AND "free reign" of utilities.

Living out in town doesn't cost all BAH therefore leaving a lot leftover for utilities, which is essentially like living in the concession districts. 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 7 years ago -

I'll believe it when I see it. They are having a problem filling base housing as it is. Marine Corp Times is not a reliable source of information. Its still a privately owned newspaper 

a3079721uu --- 7 years ago -

The metering in base housing will not be bad at all. When I was in Hawaii and lived on Pearl Harbor they did it there.

I didn't know of anyone who had to pay extra for going over.

If anything it is more to encourage people to conserve energy and reward those who do so. It isn't a program to punish you. 

MY2BoysRmyLIFE --- 7 years ago -

I'll believe it when I see it. They are having a problem filling base housing as it is. Marine Corp Times is not a reliable source of information. Its still a privately owned newspaper 

I agree...they aare just going to have more people move out and no one want to live here. 

Champ --- 7 years ago -

I don't know who owns pendleton housing, but I'd check their website. They had meters put in at cherry point last year, and the amcc website has a notification of this change happening, and I read something on the website for lejeune too. 

Champ --- 7 years ago -

null that's the first link I found searching their site (on a phone) 

Clinical Depression --- 7 years ago -

According to housing only 10-15% of the residents on Camp Pendleton would be charged for overuse based thus far on practice metering, but it is confirmed that this will happen. 

Mrs Sonia --- 7 years ago -


Mandy May --- 7 years ago -

I thinks its fair. There are so many people who are careless with their utilities more so since its not them haveing yo pay. Its very costly for the one who pays it. I believe you have it made living on base. The quality living is a bit nicer for most on base. Compared to what your Bah will cover out in town without haveing your " extra/leftovers" BAH in gas. If any one thinks its unfair and they can live cheaper out in town then do so. Once you start getting. Your water bill, electric, gas, and gas for your car for the longer commute and so on. Then the sence of entitlement may turn into greatfulness. 

Jersey Shore Chickie --- 7 years ago -

It shouldn't be that big of a deal to pay utilities. No where off base would you find a 3 or 4 or bedroom house for under $2000 a month and even then its plus utilities. I lived in a condo, there for a two bedroom it was $1900 + $200 or so in utilities. Sigh. Stop the complaining people. At least your husband or wife has a guaranteed job, a paycheck and you have health care. 

gurlplz --- 7 years ago -

I live on base and I'm ok with these changes. Not concerned one bit! Like JSC said, with all the benefits and guaranteed paycheck in this economy I consider us (my family) fortunate. 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 7 years ago -

I'm not concerned with the charges, we conserve but that's not the point. And Mandy its not a sense of entitlement. It's the point that most people live on base because everything is included and you don't have to worry about water, electricity, and trash. I have looked around and we can find something cheaper off base even after paying electronic and all that. But we still prefer to live on base. To say people have it hard living out in town is outrageous, they chose to live out in town. They can live on base if they want but they don't. 

Shufflin --- 7 years ago -

Dont agree with it? Move off base.

Problem solved. 

Mandy May --- 7 years ago -

I think you miss undersold or I just didn't make it too clear. I didn't say living town is outrageous by any means as I own my own home as well as have lived in base houseing for many years. I was just reminding some of the differences. But the entitlement comes to play when people start complaining or thinking its not fair when their privileges (as in this case free utilities) are being changed, removed or affected in any way. If people didn't feel enttitled they wouldn't have ANY problem with it since they kwow it is a privilege and not a right that is changeling. Buy any means I am not being snarky I was just stateing my opinion. 

Tiptoed --- 7 years ago -

The people in 29 Palms are screwed. 

accountnickname --- 7 years ago -

Sounds smart to me, it's never good for people to be able to abuse utilities especially when power and water is becoming so much more precious in many parts of the country.

The people in 29 Palms are screwed.

It is based on averages, the only people who will find any problem with this are those who are using way more than all their neighbors are (medical needs aside). Those who conserve will find a reward in that. Sounds like a win-win to me! Teach the over-users to be more responsible and reward those who are responsible. 

la*dee*da --- 7 years ago -

official word 

Shufflin --- 7 years ago -

If paying an extra 20 bucks a month for going over your limit breaks your budget....well, you're going to need a better budget.

Why shouldnt you pay if you use an obscene amount? Just because you live on base doesnt make electric free. SOMEONE has to pay for it. 

blah blah blah --- 7 years ago -

You pay if you go over so simple DONT GO OVER. its not that hard.too many ppl waste energy Bc hey do t have to pay for it. 

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