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Infants with Acid Reflux

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sheraelyons --- 6 years ago -

I was wondering if anyone knew any remedies for infants with acid reflux. My daughter is three weeks and I can't get her into a appt till tomorrow but I hate to know its bothering her she didn't sleep last night or the day before just cried unless I held her up right thanks if anyone have any ideas! 

HereAgain --- 6 years ago -

You can look into probiotics and decide if you want to give that a try. 

gurlplz --- 6 years ago -

I remember my doc telling me smaller more frequent feedings, burp often and keep baby propped at an angle up when sleeping. She recommended putting towels under her crib which didn't work well for us. He slept in his comfy bouncy that worked well. Eventually he was put on prevacid.

Around 6 weeks we found out he has a cow's milk protein allergy and needed prescription formula. Doc just thought at first he had colic and acid reflux, apparently the symptoms for this allergy can take a bit to surface. In my child it was specks of blood in his stool.

Good luck! 

pandamanda0719 --- 6 years ago -

not not to lay your daughter flat on her back.. buy a crib wedge.. it goes under her mattress and props it up some so she will be on an incline.

are you BF or formula.. sometimes they can have an intolerance.
Both my babies had reflux, and both were on prevacid for it. My oldest was bad, he would stay up screaming for hours on end. we eventually had to switch him to Soy formula and he got much better. burp often! that really help!
If you have any questions just ask, its a pain.. but its manageable! 

critty --- 6 years ago -

soy formula worked like a charm for us! 

DramaLlamasMomma --- 6 years ago -

My daughter had refulx. I breastfed and supplemented with formal. We switched to Gentlease formula and were instructed to keep her upright for 30 min after a feed. Also, look into getting a Fisher Price Rock N Play Sleeper. It's a bassinet that is on an incline which will help them sleep better. Slow flow nipples on the bottle as well, the faster the flow the more it will aggravate it! My daughter eventually got put on Zantac 3x a day. 

Barbie --- 6 years ago -

My aunt use to say to add a peppermint to their milk. I've never tried it but she swears by it. 

AydenEllasMommy --- 6 years ago -

emfimil AR was my sons life saver! nothing else worked. 

DramaLlamasMomma --- 6 years ago -

My aunt use to say to add a peppermint to their milk. I've never tried it but she swears by it.

The Zantac we have smells 100% like peppermint so that makes sense! 

Life expansions --- 6 years ago -

emfimil AR was my sons life saver! nothing else worked.

The Enfamil worked for my daughter as well, she suffered from ARD, she was also on Prevacid, we bought an electric swing and she slept in it all night long it was soothing to her. As she grew older the AR went away :) 

SoonToBeJD --- 6 years ago -

My daughter's pediatrician put her on soy formula and it fixed her right up. 

sheraelyons --- 6 years ago -

Thanks everyone, she seems to be doing better today which is good news. She is breast feeding though and my son and a little reflux about this time when he was her age but he was bottle feed and it just went away on its own. But he also never spit up which I always thought was weird but she spits up and so I was just in a completly different situation, but she might have just had a bad batch of breast milk that darn mexican food, lol! I'm just going to keep a eye on her though 

DramaLlamasMomma --- 6 years ago -

Lol! My daughter has what they call "silent reflux" where she doesn't spit up at all it just burns her throat. I never knew there were all these things until we made a trip to the doc for it! Good luck! Yes, I think the soda that I drink was bothering my daughter so I tried to cut back. She is almost 8 months and is off her Zantac finally! 

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