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our car keeps turning off.....

who's talking here?

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Texicano --- 7 years ago -

I think it may be the cheap fuel on base because our friends have been having the same thing happen to them and their car is new, right off the lot. 

Poe --- 7 years ago -

So fill up somewhere else... 

shizzlemydizzle --- 7 years ago -

If you think that's what it is, get some dry gas and put it in the tank.

Make sure you have at least a 1/2 tank. 

SoonToBeJD --- 7 years ago -

I filled up on base last week and my car is fine. 

SoonToBeJD --- 7 years ago -

If your car is completely turning off, it's a battery or electrical problem. 

TexasMommy --- 7 years ago -

Ive gotten bad gas once and had to get my whole fuel system and tank flushed. :/ 

Jersey Shore Chickie --- 7 years ago -

I would first, check your battery connections, make sure they are not corroded. Then check your alternator, I would go through an alternator a year with my Mustang after I had a sound system installed. Sometimes, Advanced Auto can do a free scan check on your car. If nothing comes up, stop buying cheap gas if that's what you're doing. I have never had an issue with base gas, Mobil, Sunoco ect. But places like "Jim Bob's Gas" can be bottle of the barrel with who knows what mixed in.

*I do not know if there really is a Jim Bob's gas, I was just trying to say a random no name place. 

Kazzle --- 7 years ago -

From my experience with cars, I'm willing to bet that it's electrical or as Jersey said, an alternator. Take your car to a mechanic to get a professional opinion. 

CJ's mom --- 7 years ago -

This happened to my car too. After asking around, googling, etc we finally took it to a mechanic.$100 later, it was still shutting off.

To make a long story short, buy fuel injection cleaner from any auto store. Read the directions on the back and your car should be fine. Please try this before taking it to a mechanic and wasting your money. 

Braydens Mommy --- 7 years ago -

We always fill up on base and have never had any problems lol 

PiratesLife4Me --- 7 years ago -

If its just turning off it might be as simple as a sensor, mine would just randomly turn off even while driving, I took if to get serviced where they replaced it & never had a problem like that again, it had nothing to do with gas at all...bottom line is nobody can tell you what's wrong but a pro 

LLLong12 --- 7 years ago -

Loose spark plug. 

CharlieWhiskey2 --- 7 years ago -

We always fill up on base and have never had any problems
I fill up every other day that I work so that's 3 times a week. Never had an issue. 

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