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IVF Balboa

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mrspierson --- 6 years ago -

My husband and I are starting IVF next month and we still haven't decided on a fertility clinic yet. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with San Diego Fertility Clinic or UCSD Fertility Clinic (those are the 2 choices we have been given). Which one is a better choice? I have been doing a lot of research but I just cant decide, help! 

AussieGirl --- 6 years ago -

Not either clinic, but I am in between rounds right now, best of luck and shout out if you need any support! 

Whatevergirl 2 --- 6 years ago -

I used Reproductive Partners which the card says UCSD on it too. I don't have anything bad to say about RP. My experience at NTC was bad in itself. My second round of IVF I opted to go to a civilian doctor. If you end up wanting to switch over at any point hit me up. I'll give you the info for my fertility doctor. He matches NTCs price. I now have a 5 month old and I truly do owe it to him.

Good luck to you mrspierson and your journey! 

accountnickname --- 6 years ago -

I have experience with San Diego Fertility Center (not sure if that is the same as the SDF Clinic you mention above). I've also been to La Jolla IVF. Have you research the SART rates? 

jaimemike --- 6 years ago -

We used SDFC and now have 15 month old triplets! Let me know if I can help. 

My Butterfly --- 6 years ago -

We are going to SDFC on Friday for our first consultation. So far, over the phone, I haven't had any problems. I am so anxious to get started! We are going to be using a surrogate (friend), so some things might be a little different, but I will let you know how I like them.
Good luck! I know it is so hard to pick one. SDFC was on the top of my list because the doctors there are affiliated with Scripps, which is where my other doctors are. 

muelldogzz1030 --- 6 years ago -

Question. After how long of trying can you do ivf? Also prices?? 

mrspierson --- 6 years ago -

My husband and I have been trying for about 4 years now with 2 ectopic pregnancies in those years. Going through Balboa the prices we are look at it about 3000$ with is amazing compared to civilian prices. 

My Butterfly --- 6 years ago -

How long did it take you to get into Balboa? I was told there was about a 2 year waiting list. We would have done that, but I can't carry and we have a friend that is our surrogate. With both of our families in the military, there is no way we could guarantee 3 years here. I have started looking into grants. So far, I haven't had any luck, but I will post something if I find anything. 

mrspierson --- 6 years ago -

There was a year wait list for us to get into the IVF program. Im not too sure about the others. 

jaimemike --- 6 years ago -

I waited over 2 years, almost 3 really, but that was a while ago. We were stationed in TX by the time we had our chance. We drove back and forth as necessary. It's worth getting on the list. 

AZbound --- 6 years ago -

No experiences with them but good luck to you! =0) 

AussieGirl --- 6 years ago -

$3000 is AWESOME!

We went private and paid $17 the first time, $15 the second. thank God we had frozen embryos from the 2nd one, as the Frozen transfer is only $2500. 

AussieGirl --- 6 years ago -

* 17 thousand, not dollars! 

Rainbow Dancer --- 5 years ago -

My OB/GYN at the NHCP recommended I go through Balboa as out in town would more than likely drain my pockets. My OB/GYN informed me that Balboa does IVF only because its a "training" facility. That note wasn't assuring for me. I'm hoping to get any feed back on any experiences from anyone whose done IVF through Balboa. Thank You :) 

mrspierson --- 5 years ago -

Hi! I just actually finished our IVF process throught Balboa! We ended up choosing UCSD Reproductive Partners as a second civilian clinic which did our lab work for the IVF, Balboa and which ever other clinic you choose team up for the IVF because Balboa does everything besides the actual embryo fertelization. Balboa was amazing! We saw Dr. Laufer and Dr. Wittenburger and were the best doctors I have ever had. We are very blessed and had our last/first ultrasound with them on Tuesday and we are pregnant with TWINS!! I highly recommend Balboa!!! 

Rainbow Dancer --- 5 years ago -

Where you able to conceive on the first attempt?

Also, if I may ask, how much did you pay out of pocket for the civilian clinic?? My work offers medical insurance but I obviously didn't take it as Tri-Care has better benefits. I would just like to lay out whether its worth me paying for a secondary insurance or pay out of my pocket. Thank You, again. 

mrspierson --- 5 years ago -

We experienced 2 ectopic pregnancies before deciding on IVF. We were on of the few lucky couples that were able to conceive on the first try. We ended up paying 2950$ out of pocket excluding the numerous amounts of trips to and from San Diego. 

Rainbow Dancer --- 5 years ago -

That is about the same with us, having ectopic pregnancies. My OB/GYN suggested IVF last year after the ectopic pregnancy but I was to stressed/busy with other things going on with work and "baby daddy" issues. But a year has passed and my life is more calm that it has ever been. So we feel now is a good time to try IVF.

Is the $2950 just for the civilian clinic on top of the $3000 for Balboa? or does that include both to Balboa and UCSD Reproductive Partners? 

Whatevergirl 2 --- 5 years ago -

I paid $5500 total at NTC. Curious how you only paid 3.

My first ivf attempt there resulted in a miscarriage. They messed up with me there. I think since they are so overbooked it is hard to keep up with everyone. The are the only fertility clinic all the surrounding bases use. I was also disappointed how they made me feel/treated me through the miscarriage process. I went to a civilian doctor after that. I couldn't do another round with them. My second ivf cycle resulted in a full term baby. 

mrspierson --- 5 years ago -

I guess it depends on when you went through the IVF process. It was less than 2 months ago and prices change! We paid $2950 and partnered up with UCSD Reproductive Partners! They all were amazing with my husband and I. I guess your experience with them also has to do with what kind of patient you are! Glad your second time around worked out so well! 

Whatevergirl 2 --- 5 years ago -

Lucky! Mine with them was a couple years ago.

My ttc total $18,000. 

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