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My Butterfly

I joined this crazy place on 2012-03-31, 6 years ago.

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IVF Balboa - 6 years ago

How long did it take you to get into Balboa? I was told there was about a 2 year waiting list. We would have done that, but I can't carry and we have a friend that is our surrogate. With both of our f...

NAME CHANGE: *a3266472uu* is now *My Butterfly* - 6 years ago

that's right, the only thing constant is change

IVF Balboa - 6 years ago

We are going to SDFC on Friday for our first consultation. So far, over the phone, I haven't had any problems. I am so anxious to get started! We are going to be using a surrogate (friend), so some th...

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