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I joined this crazy place on 2011-11-12, 7 years ago.

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My computer broke - 6 years ago

Is there a place on base I can go and print out and fax information. We are about to move and don't want to spend more money on another computer until we get settled. Thanks for your help!

NSB Kings Bay, Georgia - 6 years ago

My husband is a Marine and just got orders to this base. Has anyone ever lived here before and if so any thoughts or recommendations on this location, housing, activities? I am a little bit stressed o...

Vehicle Shipping - 6 years ago

We are pcsing in December and need to ship one of our vehicles. Is there any recommendations which company we should use. Will the military pay for any of the fee's?

Constant Dog Barking - 6 years ago

I live in Santa Margarita housing and there is a dog either on my street or across the road that is outside nonstop and barks continuously. It's getting to the point where I have just about had it. I ...

Loud annoying neighbors - 6 years ago

I have 2 neighbors that are so loud and annoying. One of them blasts his ridiculous techno music so loud that i can still her it with my doors closed. My other neighbor revs up the engine of his piece...

Double Stroller Recomendations - 6 years ago

I am pregnant with twins and have been searching high and low for a double stroller. My husband and I so fr like the tandem strollers. I would like one that can hold 2 infant car seats. We are going t...

IVF Balboa - 6 years ago

I guess it depends on when you went through the IVF process. It was less than 2 months ago and prices change! We paid $2950 and partnered up with UCSD Reproductive Partners! They all were amazing with...

Tricare and Fertility - 6 years ago

Actually we just like a month or so ago just went through IVF through NTC and it was not $5500 it was $2950!

IVF Balboa - 6 years ago

We experienced 2 ectopic pregnancies before deciding on IVF. We were on of the few lucky couples that were able to conceive on the first try. We ended up paying 2950$ out of pocket excluding the numer...

IVF Balboa - 6 years ago

Hi! I just actually finished our IVF process throught Balboa! We ended up choosing UCSD Reproductive Partners as a second civilian clinic which did our lab work for the IVF, Balboa and which ever othe...

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