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Odd Request! Looking for a 'High Ranking' Marine to Help With a Project

who's talking here?

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gbob --- 5 years ago -

I know that sounds absolutely stupid but couldn't phrase it another way! So any of you have a spouse with a fairly high rank, who is fun minded and would help me out with a project for my deployed daughter for Mothers Day? NOT military related at all, just want a photo. 

QT --- 5 years ago -

What are you looking to do? Message me 

gbob --- 5 years ago -

My daughter goes nuts because I will talk to ANYONE. I can't tell a Cpl from a General (bad eyes!). ANyway for mothers day I am making a sign that says 'Happy Mothers Day' and having all sorts of people hold it, and taking a pic. I ask random people as well as people she knows and/or deals with (dry cleaners/waitress/etc) then put all these random shots on a DVD. She would just quake in her boots if I had a pic of somene higher ranking, holding the sign. The nametape will be covered. It is just a fun random thing I'm doing to make her smile for Mothers Day while she is deployed.
I hope I explained it ok... 

gbob --- 5 years ago -

She is always saying that I am crazy, but the crazy things I do make her smile while she is away from all of us... 

SoonToBeJD --- 5 years ago -

This is awesome!!! 

gbob --- 5 years ago -

I think it will be fun. Mothers Day will be hard for her and this will make her laugh and cry.
Hey--ANYONE can send just a card!!! LOL! 

laneys mommy --- 5 years ago -

I think thats really cute. 

Fairly Simple --- 5 years ago -

I'd do it,but I don't know how to message you. I spent Mother's Day over there too, back in 2003, and that sounds like a great idea you have. I would be more than happy to pose holding this banner. 

HereAgain --- 5 years ago -

That's an we some idea! I'm sure she'll love it. 

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