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Dogs being poisoned

who's talking here?

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5turners --- 5 years ago -

It has happened again dogs are being poisoned I south Mesa 1 this time on the west side. Please please keep an eye for your neighbors if I don't have dogs 

MindYaOwnBiz --- 5 years ago -

OMG!! people really disgust me!!! Why isn't housing putting up warning signs?! This is ridiculous, its probably a bunch of dumb, bored kids. but if it is because of barking dogs that are pissing people off..(this has probably been said before but) THATS WHAT THEY DO..don't move in pet friendly housing if you don't want to hear dogs bark. 

JAV87 --- 5 years ago -

What the hell is wrong with people....

Geesh. Has this been reported to animal control? 

puppylove --- 5 years ago -

A few weeks ago there was another post about this, and I think if I remember someone said it had been reported to both housing and animal control. 

shizzlemydizzle --- 5 years ago -

Are the dogs being poisoned in their own yards or are they wandering the neighborhood (not that either is reason to poison, but...)? 

Allison --- 5 years ago -

Are the dogs being poisoned in their own yards or are they wandering the neighborhood (not that either is reason to poison, but...)?

last one i read they were in their own yard, dog food had antifreeze in it 

5turners --- 5 years ago -

the dogs are been posioned in their own yards and it is being reported to animal control and they are doing an investigation they are thinking maybe antifreeze. People really do disgust me and i cant belive it is happening 

Camerons Creations --- 5 years ago -

There was a post earlier today about someone saying how they poisened their neighbors dog because it would stop barking. Dont know if they were joking or not, but it was stupid to even say either way! 

shizzlemydizzle --- 5 years ago -

They were joking... 

Camerons Creations --- 5 years ago -

ya, either way it's not funny. My friends dogs died from someone poisening them not too long ago. 

Allison --- 5 years ago -

ya, either way it's not funny. My friends dogs died from someone poisening them not too long ago.

Yeah, my friends pitbull wasn't poisoned but it was killed by someone. They put glass shards in wet dog food and fed it. he found the can outside in the grass of their backyard and pieces of glass all around, and in the dogs stomach with the food :-( He NEVER fed the dog outside or wet dog food 

puppylove --- 5 years ago -

Just a warning for those who live off base or in our areas/states a friend of mine on FB just posted that a dog was poisoned with anti-freeze that they believe was on food found in their yard. They live in Minnesota so everyone needs to watch their yards and dogs very carefully. It sounds like this is a new trend for those people who hate dogs. It's horrible and I don't understand why people are this evil to animals but just becareful and I'm sorry for those who have lost a pet. 

Makinhaters --- 5 years ago -

Idiots!!! I believe people would do this. There are some sick mf out there. People steal dogs too :( like my Lola. These days watch your dog with vigilance !!! 

LoveMyLife --- 5 years ago -

They were my dogs, someone put food with antifreeze on it in our backyard and our dogs ate it. They don't bark much so we don't know who would do this or why they did this 

LBenca --- 5 years ago -

This is sick. Really, really sick. I hope they make whoever did this drink a big glass of anti-freeze chilled with frozen glass shards! 

LoveMyLife --- 5 years ago -

We don't know who did it. Unless they come forward and admit it or someone tells who it was there is nothing we can do. It would be nice to find out who did this because it cost us $3000 in vet and cremation bills 

AZbound --- 5 years ago -

I'm so sorry that happened to you. Some people are just so cruel. 

LoveMyLife --- 5 years ago -

Yes they are. No one ever complained to us, PMO, Animal Control or Housing about our dogs. They were very sweet dogs who never did anything to anyone. They did bark occasionally because our back fence ran along the walkway to the park but not a vicious bark, more a "hey I see you" type bark. The hardest part is trying to comfort my kids who still cry at night because they want their dogs! 

wife --- 5 years ago -

I just received an email from Lincoln Housing with a message from Animal Control for residents in South Mesa 1. That if you see trash, food or other suspicious material to contact housing or animal control. 

Moria --- 5 years ago -

I am so sorry for your loss. That action is despicable. I wish people would learn when moving into a dog friendly area, dogs will be dogs. If you don't like it, don't move there.

All dogs want to do is love and protect their people (their pack). People need to teach their kids how to respect dogs, and to stay away from "their" yards, because a dogs yard is HIS in his mind, regardless of who owns the land. 

HisWifeyTheirMommy --- 4 years ago -

I feel so horrible for the families that lost their dogs. I feel that if housing and Animal Control did not wait so long to inform residents in the area then maybe the second poisoning could have been prevented. Owners need to be aware so they could keep their dogs inside or be out there with them to have the chance to protect them knowing what is going on :( I hope everyone is cautious now and it doesn't happen again :( That is so horrible. And I hope if it is teenagers I hope they didn't decide to do this because they are bored. So horrible. 

nessaTEX --- 4 years ago -

this is just sad 

LoveMyLife --- 4 years ago -

Ch 6 news is doing a story about this tonight, please help get the word out! 

gurlplz --- 4 years ago -

Watched the news on this tonight, I believe they said 3 separate incidents now, with the latest being today. Horrible!! So very sorry for the families that have lost their pets. 

MindYaOwnBiz --- 4 years ago -

I missed it last night, but was able to watch on their website. I am very sorry for the loss of your dogs, hopefully getting this out will help save some family pets, maybe even kids. Its sad to think, not only do you have to be concerned with your pets out there, but kids can't even be safe playing in their own backyards. I hope and pray they catch whomever is doing this. This is just terrible!!! 

JAV87 --- 4 years ago -

Were all the incidents in the same area? 

LoveMyLife --- 4 years ago -

Yes, all on the same street 

JAV87 --- 4 years ago -

OMG. Wow. I would install a security came or a wildlife cam if I had dogs. Catch those monsters! 

blah blah blah --- 4 years ago -

Do the victims know each other? Do they not get along with another neighbor. There us always more to every story. 

Alisa --- 4 years ago -

I'm wondering what part of south mesa this is happening? Is it in the back or closer to ash/wire mountain rd? Also what days/time did this happen? We have video cameras up (cause someone was stealing stuff from our porch) so if some were to try something we would catch them on video. I feel so bad for all the families who had lost their pet. Pets are really like a part of the family. 

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