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How I know I'm spoiled

who's talking here?

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LLLong12 1
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SweetTooth 1
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SkullGirl --- 12 years ago -

My hubby is painting my toenails for me while I drink wine and watch Gone With the Wind. 

Giggle Butt --- 12 years ago -

Oh so jealous! 

CluelessWonder --- 12 years ago -

Rage. lol 

MissMaggy --- 12 years ago -

I don't think I trust hubs to paint my toes... lol 

Mesaboo --- 12 years ago -

Lucky, girl! 

SkullGirl --- 12 years ago -

he's not as good as the salon but its the thought that counts.

Ipswitch --- 12 years ago -

I remember one time when I was a kid my mom painting my dads toe nails while he was sleeping. We thought it was hilarious.
He was pissed. 

Doo Schnugget --- 12 years ago -

Never would my husband ever do that lol. The best he can do for me is not fart in my presence. 

SkullGirl --- 12 years ago -

He would have never done this before. He's been a much better person and husband after I almost left him and then he went to counseling. 

SkullGirl --- 12 years ago -

And I deal with plenty of horrendous farts. :-) 

SweetTooth --- 12 years ago -

How I know I'm spoiled..
My husband always fills up my water cup for me when it's running low. He knows I'm a camel :)
Not quite as cute, but it reminds me he loves me haha 

MrsCrystalS --- 12 years ago -

Yea my husband would never... he once tried painting his nails I would never out myself thru that 

AnonymousWife --- 12 years ago -

a my husband would never...

Neither would mine, just not something I see a Marine doing. LOL

But my hubby spoils me in other ways. I asked him to buy me a perfume and a Coach wallet today and he did! YAY hubby! 

That 1 Chick --- 12 years ago -

My husband offers to do my toes.. but thats cause im pregnant and cant reach them well myself :) 

Braydens Mommy --- 12 years ago -

LOL when I was pregnant and couldn't reach my own toenails to paint them my husband would paint them for me and when I was bored, he would let me paint his. It had to come off pretty much right after but he's such a sweetheart. 

DocsWife --- 12 years ago -

My husband is always offering and every once in a while I will let him and then remember why I always say no. He's SO bad at it! 

HMDT --- 12 years ago -

my ex use to let me paint her toe's. my wife doesnt wear nail polish or make up for that matter. it was relaxing. 

somethingwitty --- 12 years ago -

Mine will paint my nails if I've had a horrible day, or he's feeling especially sweet 

LLLong12 --- 12 years ago -

The best he can do for me is not fart in my presence. 

Lol THIS x2! 

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