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Fallen Navy Seals dog mourns for owner.

who's talking here?

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Mrs T Goin to Jail --- 7 years ago -

Mourning Dog

This broke my heart :( 

MrsCrystalS --- 7 years ago -

i saw that pic this AM and had to share it on facebook... it is heart breaking. what a loyal dog. 

ALEM --- 7 years ago -

i just watched that! 

ImHisPrincessL314 --- 7 years ago -

Omg that made me cry as soon as I saw that pic...:'( 

Pampered Scents --- 7 years ago -

me too! so sad! 

MylilZombie --- 7 years ago -

awww poor doggie :( 

Donny --- 7 years ago -

yeah that was all over the news the day it happened. "Man's best friend until the end". 

laneys mommy --- 7 years ago -

I saw that the other day and my heart sank. I am in awe of those dogs. So hard for the families affect by the loses. Never thought to think about the dogs who fight along side of them too. 

Rebecca --- 7 years ago -

So heartbreaking, what a loyal friend. 

Nyki --- 7 years ago -

i got goosebumps and still have them. 

sweetcheeks --- 7 years ago -

:( so sad. 

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